Friday, 21 December 2012

Landsknechts, two ladies, 15th cent Pikemen and El Ultimo Tercio

I haven´t done one of these "up and coming" posts for a long while and seeing as it´s nearly X-Mas, a look at some pressies for next year.
Firstly, Created by Alex, a landsknecht Command group..............
...and two late medieval ladies. Just look at the detail on the dresses, the table cloth and the tiny lion and unicorn on the tops of the organ..............
.....and sculpted by Frank Ziegler,  Charging Armored Pikemen of the Late 15. Century. Four ranks with six figure poses  each, 24 poses and he´s working on halbardiers and the bods have open hands which means they can be armed with halberds etc!! Add this lot to the marching pikes and halbardiers and it will be a very impressive block!! Loads more pics of the Pikeblock HERE.........
.....and from this painting "'Rocroi, el último tercio"(the making of the painting  HERE)...............
...the bods.....creáted by Massimo and they will be made into sets for Germania Figures. Loads more pics of the bods in creation HERE

The battle of Rocroi, from the film Alatriste HERE The push of pikes gets a bit bloody. If you haven´t seen the film, I can recommend it highly


  1. Nice find, Paul. Beautiful sculpts. Enjoy the holidays, Sir!!

  2. Very nice figures Paul .
    Merry Christmas to you and the family too ;)

  3. Landsknechts are looking wonderful!

  4. Some really nice looking figures!

  5. As a matter of Landsknechts and ladies, Michels Miniaturen produces a (NSFWife?) Landsknechtsdame ^-^
    Maybe she can appear even in a 18th C. setting, playing (a bawdy parody of) Shakespeare?

    Btw the German seller of 3D Models CW Toys ceases his on-line activities: are the 3D minis carried by other importers, German e.g.? Not yet on the sites linked to on Michels Miniaturen...

    1. Hi Jean Louis.
      The Landsknechtdame was also made by Alex...for Micheal. She appears in one of his dios.
      Tom (CW Toys) has sold off some of his lines but is develping others. The 17th cent females are availbel, as far as i know only direct from 3D miniatures in china. I´ll have a look about and see if I can find another source.

  6. Fabulous looking greens, the details are just tremendous!

  7. Those ladies are beautifully sculpted. Very much looking forward to how you paint them up. Hoping you do some glitter effects on them.

    I'm off until after the Holidays, wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

  8. those are some very nice works or miniarue sculpting

  9. a group of high level figures, as always from Alex and Ziegler. Paul Merry Christmas!

  10. Great stuff Paul, I love the images where you can see the evolution of the piece in green and white putty. And BTW A Very Merry Holiday season to you and yours.

  11. this post has inspired me in ways that will no doubt cost me plenty of time and money in the future. i can't thank you enough!!! when i get my spanish tercio put together i will dedicate it to you!