Saturday, 17 October 2015

Take Five

First post was on the 17.10.2010...Medieval Highwayman whispering sweet nothings

"pssst, he´s still at it"

"if I had a dollar for every......"

Hits/visits/ Page reviews on the blog? As of time of posting, 1,010, 000 +
Sounds a lot but where are they all from? Modellers, wargamers and or bots, Spammers and the rest? Unfortunately the Dashboard cannot tell where all the hits come from.
Is so many hits a sign of success, or that the Google bots function properly and the %!°?/!!*+ Spammers are very active. ?
Shaun  over at his blog Shaun's Wargaming with Miniatures had his 5 year Blog anniversary a couple of days ago and he explains how the stat thing works way better than I can...HERE

Did I expect the blog to "do so well" ? TBH, I didn´t expect a Thing from it. For one, I never expected any followers, so I´ll take the opportunity to thank all those who have added themselves to the followers Gadget thingy.

"There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about"

I never expected any comments, so again, thanks to all those who have put finger(s) to Keyboard  and written....:-D
No thanks  the Spammers though. They are the reason I switched to Moderating the comments, I was finding they had posted thier cr*ppy ads  or in some cases racist/Sexist muck on older Posts thinking no-one would find took me 3 hours to find them all and delete them.

I also didn´t expect to make good contacts and online relationships (oooer missus) with other Bloggers. In particular, One or two of you have convinced me not only to stick with Blogging but more importantly, to Keep up my experimentations with the world of modelling... and experimentations is only what I can describe them Projects ever seem come to full day though..

It´s been fun and informative, the stuff I´ve learned, not only about modelling but history seems the majority of us modelling Bloggers are as much history buffs as painters.
Congratulations to all of you´s who have joined the Blogging world and stuck with it..

Another five years? Who knows? One thing´s for sure..this Blog is here to stay (as Long as the web allows it)

And the title Take Five?...Dave Brubeck ...who else ? :-D
With a sublimely brilliant drum solo by Joe Morello
Paul Desmond - Alto sax
Eugene Wright - Bass


  1. I enjoy your blog and love the different projects you do. My favorite blogs are those about Bodstonia. Keep up the great work.

  2. Congrats old boy, you've done well and long may it last!

  3. Congratulations !
    I really enjoy your blog and stay without words in front of your realisations.
    Mehapito - a french gamer

  4. Happy 5th Birthday Paul, and here's to many more a year in Bodland!
    Love Take 5, I'm not really into Jazz, but this is a great track, I like Unsqaure Dance as well???

    1. Thanks Ray,.
      Unsquare Dance...Morello had a Job keeping the rythm on it...slightly ruined (IMHO) by adding the Refrain from Turkey in the straw and then totalling it with the shave and a haircut Riff.
      There´s a Tonnage of really good Jazz out there (mostly Modernist / Acid / latin jazz,(SideWinder by Lee Morgan..)) in some Hammond (Jackie Ivory - " Do it do death " ) and I´m sold.... and virtually every film you watch has some jazz in it

  5. Very, very many congratulations Paul! I am not surprised at the success and longevity of Paul's Bods, it is an inspiration to all that visit. You were such a generous and consistent visitor to my blog when it first started and for that I can't thank you enough. Here's to many more years for us both.

    1. Thanks Michael...and I still visit..your inventiveness is an inspiration.

  6. On my blog i can trace what countries my visitors come from,and so i set up a special welcome card,and every viewers country is listed .By way of my overview,it allows me to update that welcome card when my blog is viewed from a new country. I thought it a unique friendly way of thanking all who visit._________I also like to visit your blog too Paul. Lots of good stuff to be seen. So Congratulations on your blog running the course. BB

    1. Thanks Paul.
      It´s not as easy to "feed" the Monster as some assume...but People with a love of the Hobby (like yourself) can Keep such a "Project" going. In the f years I´ve seen a few Blogs go down..either they´ve stopped Blogging entirely or the blog has dissapeared. a Shame but I suppose real life is the main cause.

  7. 5-year congratulations
    Either the next year you are coming Pori Jazz festival happenings...

    Pori Jazz is a large international jazz festival, held annually during the month of July in the coastal city of Pori (a population of 82,809 in January 2010), Finland. It is one of the oldest and best known jazz festivals in Europe, having been arranged every year since 1966.

    1. Merci.
      What styles of jazz? I really don´t like trad/swing., more the Mod and Fusion styles.