Bods 4 Sale

The collection has got a bit large and due to complaints from the Management,  some of it will have to go.
All Prices are excluding P&P (which is only by registered post )
All 1/72nd scale unless otherwise stated.
Contact ;   use comments section at bottom of page.
Note; PayPal only.

Just to be on the safe side of the  General Data Protection Regulation.
Any E-Mail address of anyone making contact with me in the interest of purchasing, will only be retained for the period of the deal or correspondance pertaining to a deal.  Thereafter I will immediately delete it from my E-Mail list and also delete any correspondance. Any E-Mail addresses sent ot this blog will never be publicly produced (ie; front of page) and will be deleted from this blog.
No personal Details will be shared.

Sets /Kits boxed and complete.
Revell saxons , complete,sets still on sprue - €8 (Review of set HERE)
Revell Normans, complete set still on sprue - €8 (Review of set HERE)
Complete set still on sprue - €6 (Review of set HERE)
Complete set still on sprue - €8 (Review HERE)
Complete set still on sprue - €8 (Review HERE)
Complete - €5 (Review HERE)
Revell Fokker Dr- 1 -  €6
Airfix emergency set. No instructions -  €6
All on sprue apart from 2 hoplites missing but 17 light infantry extra €8
All on sprue except one running velite missing, but 8 legionaries with shields extra €8
Set complete..rules, bods etc. €35
Set complete on sprue €5

Strelets - Roman Legion in advance €6
Toko- Pflaz DXII €10
Emhar - MkA "wippet" €7
Airfix - Harrier GR Mk3 €8
Airfix - Hawker Hurricane €8
Airfix - Hawker Hurricane MKI/IIB €8
Italeri -  Medieval challenge €8
Roman Infantry €5
Valdemar - Medieval Army on the March 4x €3
Zvezda Persian Immortals €5
Atlantic –
1512 – The Greeks – Ulysses’ Legend (I´ve seen what the set goes for so offers) The rudder is´nt missing .it fell off and I forgot to ad it in the pic

Atlantic Catapult   €15 each (€25 the pair)

Ancient German longhouse - Resin . €30
Ancient German longhouse - Resin . €30

Zvevda Siege Tower €15
Zvezda Rambock €3

Single Sprues €2 each (unless otherwise stated)

Caeser -
Ancient Egyptian Chariots 1x (female and marching bods missing)

Viking Oarsmen (both sprues) €5

HaT -
Sumerian Chariot 1x
Frontier Light Horse 1x
Persian Light Cavalry 1x
Persian Medium Cavalry 1x
Persian Heavy Cavalry 1x
dervish warriors 1x
British Camel Corps 1x

Conestoga Wagon 1x (€3)

Italeri -
Templar Knights 2x
Mongol cavalry 3x
Chinese Cavalry 1x
French Knights and Foot Soldiers 2x

Lucky Toys
King Porus' Army (Chariot sprue) €1.50

LW  -

Spanish Army 1500-1600 3x

Medieval Baltic Crusades 3x
Burgundian Field Artillery 2x 

Mini Art -

French Knights with Assault Ladders 1x (€3)

Roman 'Testudo' Walking €3

Orion -

Byzantine Infantry (12th - 15th Century) 4x (Both sprues x2)

Redbox - Alliance
Orcs set1 3x
Orcs set 2 2x
Orcs set 3 1x
Modern Amazons (foot)4x
Cimmerians set 1 1x
Cimmerians set 2 2x
Half orcs set 3 x1
War Trolls set 1  x1 (€3)
WotR´s Irish Troops 1x

Strelets -
Caesar Army Before Battle 2x
Caesar Army in Battle I 1x
Roman army in advance 2x
Norman Army Before Battle 1x
Ancient Germans 1x
Tecumseh 2x
American Militia in Winter Dress 1812  2x
English Longbowmen 1x

Ultima Ratio
Medieval Gunpowder Castle Artillery
Italian Militiamen 1269-1392

Zvezda -
Austrian Musketeers and Pikemen (infantry sprues) 3x
Russian Foot Warriors  1x infantry
Samurai Warriors - Cavalry 3x
Livonian Knights 1x

Loose  (without box) bods and bits
Airfix - German Paratroops (complete set plus 10) €5
Airfix - Japanese Infantry (2 complete sets  with €5 each or €8 the lot)
Esci - Muslim warriors (complete set) €8
HäT War Elephants..5 nellies and Crew €3

Nexus Greek infantry (50 bods) and Nexus greek cavalry (8 mounted) €7
3x Standards from the HaT Imperial Roman Command €1.50 the lot.
Mixed lots. Description of Contents many, what makes etc

Celts -Italeri Gauls, Celtic cavalry, Revell Celts €25

HäT Picts €15
Zvezda Greeks and Persians €15
HäT Carthaginian Allies, Alexander's Light Infantry €15
HäT Romans €10
Mixed lot of Atlantic greek infantry cavalry and chariots €5
Mixed lot of Atlantic Egyptians, infantry and chariots €5
Mixed lot of Zvezda Russian Knights

Romans. All 1/72nd and metal. (Offers...either for groups or a "Job lot")

Centurions with Whips and 3 mounted. Horses also available
Marching Praetorians and infantry

Grunts on the march

28mm etc
Ram (Metal) €20
Resin Trebuchet. As Far as I know, all parts included as Maker unknown €25
"vintage" citadel gw games workshop pre-slotta Bods

Orcs on wargs

N15 Nick Lund Wargs with riders. Top of bow from archer broken off as is the spearhead of rider on the right (spearhead is still there though)

various orcs
C15 orc/C36 hobgoblin cleric  /C10 half orc cleric thief /C16 orc Chieftan/??
Prices? I´ve seen what they are going for elsewhere...basically make me an offer ;-)

1 Blister of Dalek Army €8

More coming soon


  1. E-mail send Paul! ;-)


  2. Hi Paul,

    Fantastic Roman buildings, I'm assuming they have been snapped up?

    Kind Regards,
    ps new to your blog/work but so far its excellent and well done.

  3. Hi Mark. ..I´m building a couple of new Versions for someone ..different roofs etc The roman town is still up for grabs but I assume not a lot of People look at the Tabs on Blogs..

  4. how big roughly are the Daleks? My sister is a massive Whovian and if they fit with some of my models might be fun to play a game or two with her.

    1. Hi Gowan..Long time no hear. They are 35mm from bottom of the base to top of the lights

    2. ah a bit tall to go with my figs then. Could I scratch build my own? Now there is a thought.

      Thanks Paul. It's good to be back.

    3. I´ve thought about scratchbuilding some daleks for 1/72nd scale but wether it would be possible I don´t know.

  5. Hi Paul! I'd be interested in the Strelets Roman Cavalry in Battle box if you still has it. How much postage would be to Hungary, and what are you interested tradeswise?

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi,
      Postage to Hungary? I think it will be about €6. At the Moment I am not looking for anything so it´s sale only

    2. Thanks. Given it'll be available in around a week or two (I need to take care of some things first), I'll take them off of you.

    3. OK..they are reserved for you :-D

    4. Haven't forgotten my reservation yet, but I can pay for them next week - I expected a payment this week, but since I'm just a poor college student, I don't have a stable income. Sorry, and I hope I haven't caused any problems.

    5. No Problems. They are reserved (they have been removed from the list) so take your time :-D

    6. Rite, I'm ready to pay, sorry to keep you waiting :) Should I send the money to the email address above?

      And I'll probably come back next month, as there are some figs I'd like to get... :)

    7. Payment is at the E-Mail address but I Need your adress so i can tell you how much the postage is. Do not post your address can be a bad idea. Send me an E-Mail using the

  6. Hey Paul,

    check your e-mail please.

    Mission Impossible: this message may be deleted after reading! :-)


  7. Hi Paul

    Just wondering if the following are still available?

    HaT: British Camel Corps 1x €2
    LW: Samurai Warriors 3x €2 = €6
    Orion: Chechen rebels (two sprues) 1x €3

    Cheers for now, Alan

    1. Hi Alan. Sorry for the late Reply. The are available. If you´re still interested Reply here with your E-Mail and I can contact you. Don´t worry, no-one will see your mail address due to the Moderation

  8. Hi Paul,

    Are any of the items above still for sale ?


    1. As far as I have updated the list..they are. I´m not sure how prohibative (cost over result) the post to New zealand) would be though.

    2. Thanks - Are you in mainland Europe ? I know postage rates quite well so can estimate a rough cost.

    3. Mainland europe yes. Obviously the P&P will be affected by weight and it´ll then be on what you´re after. Once I know I can Box it up and take it to the post and they confirm the Price.

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for answering all my questions - I would like the following:

    Revell Saxons
    HAT Gallic Warband
    English Knights and Archers x1 sprue
    Orcs set 2 x1 Sprue
    Orc set 3 x1 Sprue

    Hopefully postage is €15 - 20



  10. Hi Paul,

    Did you get my email\message - I can't recall if I sent it or not. Cheers

    1. I´ve written to you but maybe one of us has written the mail address most likely. Post it again and I´ll try again.

  11. Hi Paul, how high would postage for 8 single sprues to the Netherlands be?

    1. TBH, I don´t know. I suppose it depends on which sprues (some like the zvezda ones are bigger than the strelets ones...though I could theoretically cut them in half)

    2. PS...I´ve just remembered. I haven´t updated the list for a while so some may not actually be available anymore.

  12. Hi Paul, I'm interested in a selection of the bits and bods you have for sale. What sort of price would it be for a couple of boxes and about half a dozen sprues to be sent to Cyprus?

    1. Hi. As it depends on the amount, ie; the total weight/size youTell me what you want, I box it up and take it down the post Office, they tell me. It usually isn´t that much though.

    2. Hi.

      OK, here's the list of what I'm interested in (Hope it's all still available):

      Full sets
      Renedra - Mixed tents
      Accurate - Hundred Years War Knights Of France
      Valdemar - Medieval Army on the March (1)

      Orcs set 3 (1)
      Modern Amazons (foot) (1)
      Cimmerians set 1 (1)
      Cimmerians set 2 (1)
      Medieval Peasant Army (1)
      Medieval Peasant Army Command sprue (1)

      Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

    3. Ok..I´ll see what´s there (the list is pretty much as is) and get back to you with the post costs. It´s just going into the easter Holidays here, everything goes to sleep from friday until monday next week but the post might be open on saturday..(there is half day opening over easter but it tends to be bad as everyone goes Shopping for ever more Food and beer) If not I have the week after free so then I can go on tuesday.

    4. PS. I had a read of your blog..well worked out and viable discussion Points IMHO but you didn´t continue to post (?)

    5. I´ve checked through the boxes and all is there except there´s only 1 sprue of the renedra tents. If you´re ok with it,,then half price for the single sprue?

    6. Yep, sure, that's fine. Let me know when you have the total including postage and I'll give you my PayPal details
      Cheers and hope your easter was grand!

    7. Easter was fine thanks.
      Best is, when I have the cost of P&P, you send me a post, which as you know are hidden until I moderate them, with your E-Mail address so no personal Details are shown here.

    8. Sorted. Cheapest (with insurance) cost found.

  13. Hello Paul,
    I'm interesting about item 1512 - The Greeks.

    1. Hi Anon.
      Basically,as I knoww what Prices it fetches... make me an offer ;-)

  14. @Chris...I couldn´t post your question as it contained your mail address but yes, the site is definately active

  15. Do you have a spare sprue of linear-b age of tudors?


    1. I think so...Need to dig about in the collection

  16. hello paul mail me please i wnat some items from you

    1. Hi Abdul. Bung your E-Mail address here (it won´t appear front of page) and I´ll contact you :-)

  17. Hi! Back in 2011 you showcased a couple of witches. They were some of the nicest witch miniatures I've ever seen. I can't find any information about then though. Are they available for purchase?
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi. The witches were Made by Alex..he used to sculpt for Valdemar but has now got his own shop
      As far as I know the witches (as a set) were never released)