Saturday, 5 February 2011

The morning of the 22 January 1879

" Tomkins" is a long suffering character I invented a long time ago when bored (and probably a bit drunk as well )    to get any daft scenarios out of my head. Tomkins is the one in the shirt. His boss is Lord Brashford. The first photographic evidence of  them is  this
The bod at the back is Achmed...who, like Tompkins has learnt to not say a word but just keep going.  The Mule has no name..:-D

" Tomkins!! Stop your complaining!!!  Lord Chelmsford said it would be the perfect spot for a what could possibly go wrong!!?" 
 Hello Secundus and Sean McTague.
At Sean´s Blog Watching the paint Dry    you can see some nicely painted stuff, from ancient to Modern.
Secundus has two sites, one about his garden with some cracking pics of insects etc.
On the other Iron-mitten.  he presents not only his bods but his excellent (and very funny) drawings.