Friday, 4 March 2011

Adventurers III

Another pair of bods to the fun!! This time one is from Caeser the other from Orions Medieval Siege troops. No..he hasn´t lost the tip of his´s a gun.
A pic from above to show how the bases fit into the "natural" surroundings
Hello to Gary BRYNE from Fix Bayonet metal Soldiers. Gary has got 13...yes 13!! Blogs...most of which deal with aspects of bods and models. I won´t list them all...I can´t type that much..but it´s well worth having a look at them all. Reviews of metal and plastic bods
Hello Jason Mastros...thanks for following :-D
And last but in no way least..Hello to Big Lee. Lee´s blog is called BigLee´s Miniature Adventures. What can you see at Lee´s blog...?. loads of stuff, Zombie wargames, tanks planes and Automobiles. Isn´t that the titel of a film :-/ My favourite is the flashing helps me sleep :-D