Friday, 26 November 2010

Etruscan Army...

...well the beginings of one. :-)
Chariot scratch built from thin card, copperwire, wheels from the Atlantic egyptian chariot set and the nags from the Airfix Britons chariot.


This little lot are made by Leonardo Torricini of Phersu miniatures.He is a very talented converter and re-designer of 1/72nd bods to create original new ideas for our little worlds. How many sets of Cavemen are there out there??? This is the first !!
He also does a large range of other subjects...mainly ancients, particually Etruscan themes and I recommend a visit to his site :-)
Camp folk
Hunting folk

It´s the first time, as far as I know,  that a reindeer or a baby mammoth has been reproduced in 1/72nd   (I know...someone will tell me differently :-D)