Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Emhar Vikings (conversions)

After getting back from hols in the UK a couple more conversions from the Emhar/Imex hard plastic Vikings.
During my visit I finally found an excellent modelshop, one which reminded me of the sort of model shops from my younger days...the Hereford Model centre. If anyone lives in the area and hasn´t heard of it, it´s well worth a visit..Great range of models and kits and helpfull friendly staff.

Arms from bod on the right, original pose on the left
Shield from bod on the right (that shield need redoing!!!!), sword with hand from another donor, original pose on the left
Body from bod on the right...(he´d lost his arms anyway!!), shield and sword from bod on the left
The whole gang!!!!!!!!!
Hello to Sidney Roundwood from Roundwood´s World Blog. What Sidney produces for dios is amazing...his ongoing WWI "dead marshes" wargaming board is something else..a piece of artwork.