Thursday, 23 June 2011

Perry 28mm Medievals

Wonderfull bods these...I really like the look of  them...the fun bit being the multi-parts allowing seemingly endless combinatios of heads, arms and weapons. I haven´t decided yet how I´m going to base them yet.
They are all suitably dressed and equiped for the WotR period...but I won´t paint them up in any of the liveries used at the time for a couple of rasons. I like the look of "generic" medieval armies...the possible mix of colours and styles...this will also allow me to add bods from other manufacturers and I got away from painting ancients becuase of the "uniformity"...particually the romans...although I love the look of a full legion..
A comparison of a perry archer and a Zvezda one. The perry is 28mm and hte zvezda one 25.5...even taking into account that I´ve taken a dreadfull pic at a bad angle (ignore the ruler) the perry bod is obviously WAY bigger than the Zvezda one
Hell to Laffe (Lief Eriksson) Figurfanatikern blog  Loads of goodies in all scales. His latest post has got some really good photos of  Operation Barbarossa.