Monday, 18 May 2015

Airfix Waterloo Highland Infantry (Mk2)

Still carrying on with the Napoleonic theme and as part of the Airfix Tribute Forum Waterloo GB I´ve added another stand of infantry, another centre Company but this time a centre company of the 42 Regiment,  Royal Highland - Black Watch.
As with the Airfix Waterloo British Infantry they are  100% Airfix, but this time I used bits from the British infantry set.
I´ve painted the set before (HERE) using the Airfix Boxart as a reference. Back then (2 years ago) I used more  "false" blacklining than nowadays...but I still like the look of the Blacklined ones.

There´s 23 bods on the stand, only 2 less than the Waterloo British Infantry stand with 25 but it still Looks a  bit empty in comparison.

The conversions (I didn´t take pics before painting)

The ensigns were easy...Bods from the british inf set, packs etc  removed and a head swop
The officer got a new pair of legs from the british inf set.
One Thing worth noting..I´ve placed the colours the wrong way around...only finding this out after everything was finished.  The Kings/Queens colours should be to the right, the regimental colours to the left.
The reason why they did this? So commanders could see at a distance which way the troops were facing.
The one on the right is a top half and bottom half swop
The staff Sergeant made up from the middle of the staff Sergeant from the british inf set and legs and head from the highlanders set.. Eeek!!! The straps in Close up!!! I´m happy with the conversion but the paintjob!!!
A couple more conversions. There´s another conversion, to the right of the Kings colours. The middle of one of the british  bods using the ram with the head and legs of a scottish bod.  
This Waterloo Diorama from the 1970´s  is worth a look..virtually all 1/72nd Airfix !!