Monday, 14 February 2011

Billy the magician

A bit if green stuff, pink lips and Friar Tuck looses years, gets a new career and gains a few pounds
A couple of hellos today.
Firstly (in order of appearance) Takeo Ichikawa-san. His Blog, Sideway-shuffle is pretty new and if you want to see the battle of Pavia in 15mm with stacks of bods then drop in
Hello Herkybird...thanks for following :-D
Hello Pepe Zapata. He shows  some pretty nice "impressionistic" art  on his Blog, Blog de Pepe Zapata
And last but not least, FalkeEins. He is the proud owner of 3 Blogs, on one of which, FalkeEins my Modelling Blog  he presents some very nice Planes, his latest being (my favourite WWII plane) a Ju 87 G-2