Thursday, 11 October 2012

18th Century Female Infantry

The "Sister" set to the 18th Century female Gun Crew, in the Bodstonian world they are part of the "Purple Roses". More about thier role in Bodstonia here
6 in total, IMHO, it would be good to have a set of just marching bods so that a larger unit could be created.
Commander of the Purple Roses, Rose Tremain
The Flag. As the flag is attached to the back of the bods head and removing it would mean almost certain destruction,  it makes life a bit difficult in decorating it. I came up with the solution (after a poor attempt at painting the design) of using a paper flag, the head area cut out and then just stuck over the molded one. The flag was, along with other coloured ones, very kindly  supplied by Ray from Don´t throw a 1 Blog....Thanks mate :-D

Just a quick explanation.
The Federation of Bodstonia. Whilst it´s based in the 1700´s, this doesn´t actually mean it´s the 1700´s as we all know it. It´s an Imagi-Nation, a parallel universe whose time scale, it´s 1700´s, is  removed from our time scale.
Historical accuracy ? They won´t employ any technology that wasn´t around in the mid 1700´s, but as far as the clothing, housing, transport and customs, these will cover a larger range, drawing on influences from other closely related historical periods.
As far as it is, for me, an excercise in writing a story, putting ideas down in one place and  creating a world, which..if I get the time and inspiration, I will use to create a real book ;-D