Saturday, 12 March 2011


Another one...better than this my previous attempt...more armour, more fire power, BIGGER!! It´s been created form one of the battle armour bods that Fran from Angry Lurker sent me.
Replaced one of the covers with a glass panelled cab, cut off both arms and replaced them with multi-barrelled Chainguns (made from Nebelwerfer barrels) ammo belt from tracks from a WWII german Tank.
The cab didn´t turn out as good as I wanted it....partly becuase after I´d spent a lot of time making the frame I sat on it!!
Hello to Gianluca Ghetti...thanks for following and hello to Wolfgang Fischl. Wolfgang has just started out last month with his Blog SPQR. If you recognise this set of letters then pop over and look at wolfgangs 54 and 28mm bods...he´s made a great start to a republican army!!