Thursday, 29 December 2011

Medieval Tournament - Finished

I actually have got one project finished this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I´m not going to bother with the Quitain or the standards that come with the sets. They just seem pointless.
Fences. The twobar fences come so they can be constructed in a "S" form but a bit of filling and glueing soon overcomes that.
The "Busstop"
The "richfolks" Viewing box. I´ve added a bit of gold to the gives it a sheen like silk (which doesn´t come out in the pics :-()

A nice little hunting scene (Printed and glued on)
Not only has my basing moved the mounted knights further away from each other..but..the lances are held facing the wrong way (they can´t be placed any other way). The shield would be closest to the dividing fence and the lances laid across to the left.
Hello to Bishop Lord from Grand Scale Wargaming blog. Wargaming using 6mm and 10mm figures but on a truly grand scale!!
Hello to LoneWolf from Lonewolf´s Welten blog. He´s just started blogging and already has some great 1/72nd posts.