Sunday, 15 November 2020

Riders of Rohan

All poses from Both sets and 5 conversions, a standard bearer, hornist and 3 archers doing a parthian shot. Well not quite a full Parthian shot but they are new at the job.....and not  Parthians,  so we´ll let them off. 

The Converted bods
Standard bearer and Hornist. The Standard bearer was easy, hot water bath and arm bent into position. Flag printed. 
The Hornist also went for a bath and had his arm bent into position but also had his head removed  and repositioned. Horn from the  Livonian Knights set from Zvezda
The Parthian shot bods. 
It´s not too clear from the above pic that they are actually facing towards the rear so,

Friday, 6 November 2020

Armoured Crossbowmen - Tumbling Dice

8 Bods in 6 poses and loose crossbows.

The shields are from the MiniArt French Knights with Assault Ladders set. 

They are, like the Armoured Longbowmen from TD, they are painted in the colours of John Bourchier. 

Close ups of the 6 different poses.* 

*As ever with TD bods, I can´t say which poses will be repeats or not. 


Friday, 30 October 2020

Remember the days...

...when shopping, although a bit boring, wasn´t such an effort ?

Anyone remember the "massive horror"  of  PIG FLU ?

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Steppes Warriors - Set 1

As with the first  lot (set 2), 12 bods and 12 nags in 6 poses. The nags are the same as set 2 so after a hot water bath, their heads got repositioned. 

As with set 2 you get extras,  this time two spears, a sword, a quiver, two bows and a saddle bag which attaches to the nag in the same way the bow or quiver attaches, with a peg 

Again, as with set 2, no flash!! None!! 10/10 and a Gold star for that.🌟

Close ups

The one on the right comes with the axe positioned directly over his head. Small snip and a bit of a twist and it looks better. 
Horse archers
The added extras. 

Saturday, 17 October 2020

Steppes Warriors - Set 2

Labelled as Steppes warriors these, considering Alliances other fantasy output,  are definately the Riders of Rohan. One of them even  looks like Theoden.

12 bods and 12 nags in 6 poses.  You also get two lances, 2 shields, a bow in its holder, a quiver of arrows, a mace and a sword.The bow or quiver can be attached, peg into hole,  to one of the nags. The Shields attach, peg and hole, to the backs of the archers. The peg is on the archers quivers so it can be removed to give a bit of variety if the whole set were to be painted. The mace, sword and lances, although nice looking and easy to remove from the sprue,  I swopped them out for metal ones from the spares box. 

Zero flash on both the bods and the nags. As far as I can remember,  it´s the first set   I´ve bought without any flash that needs removing. Ok, I removed clumps of grass that  were on the hooves but that wasn´t necessary, just a personal preference. 

Uniform colour scheme.

Arise, arise, Riders of Théoden!

Fell deeds awake, fire and slaughter!

spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,

a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!

Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor!

Close ups
Each nag has a secondary weapon slung on the right except for one which has a rope.
The nag with the bow quiver. The hole could be filled and using a 1mm drill, a hole can be drilled in any of the other nags. 

Like em? I love them. 💗
The detail is top notch. Not clear in the pics but Lower leg and forearm armour has straps with clearly defined buckles. A couple of helmet plumes needed repositioning so they are flowing in the direction of movement. The holes in the hands for attaching weapons are a wee bit small but that´s easily sorted and better small holes than ones which are too big leaving the weapon dangling at an odd angle. 

Wednesday, 7 October 2020


32 of them in 8 different poses. RedBox and labelled as being on the Dark Alliance side. Minotaurs, are they baddies, neutral or good? 

The whole herd together. 

"Rocky", "Bull the Butcher" and "Sirus"

"Axel", "Boxer" and "Lance" 
Lance is missing half of his left horn. Wether this is deliberate or due to the mold I don´t know but I assume it´s deliberate. 

"Bones"and "Thore" 

They are big. Depending on Pose, they range, from hooves to top of their heads (not including horns) between 28-30mm.
Here´s "Bully" between  Italeri and Perry bods

Friday, 2 October 2020

Uruks riding Wargs

RedBox´s Alliance range, Original titel "Warg Half Orcs" but I reckon, seeing as Uruks are a half breed creature their mounts would also be Half breeds. Wargs crossed with Hyenas!! Not the modern spotted hyena but the pre-historic Cave Hyena (Crocuta crocuta Spelaea). The beast was reckoned to weigh 225 Kilos!! 

Anyway, as my contribution to Orctober. 11 of the 12 have been painted as one of them was supposed to represent  Saruman but ended up as Merlin

5 of the ?..what are they? Wargs not, Hyenas also not. Wyenargs? Anyway, 5 of the Wyenargs were dumped into boiling water and then had thier heads repositioned. 

It looks as if one of the  Wyenargs skulls ended up being used as part of the standard. I hope it died a peacefull death but..TBH, I doubt it. 

Wargs are described (By Tolkien) as being sentient and having a proto language "the dreadfull language of the wargs " which Gandalf could understand. Given that, a body of Orcs/Uruks mounted on Wargs would pose quite a problem. Being fast, they could be used to go to the flanks or rear of an enemy and when there, the orcs/Uruks could dismount to fight on foot with the wargs alongside them, effectively doubling thier force. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

William FitzOsbern

William FitzOsbern, 1st Earl of Hereford
One of the few who has been proven to have fought alongside William I at the Battle of hastings.
He commanded (alongside Count Eustace of Boulogna ) the right wing of the norman army.
I don´t know what make the Bod is. Metal though
The nag is from the Italeri Teutonic Knights set
Oddly, he looks a bit like Mr Bean....😏

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

WotR´s cannons and crew - Tumbling dice

Labelled on the TD site as WR23 Small Cannon and Crew or WR21 Organ Gun and Crew.
4 bods in 4 poses with a single barrel cannon (Veuglaire) or a three barreled Organ gun, both of  which come in 4 parts, wheels, barrel(s) and trail. 
The Bods needed a bit of flash removing as did the wheels but it was minimal and being metal, easy. 
The crew.
Both guns came with 4 man crews but in the same poses. Ok, a couple have different helmets but unless I find time or reason, I´ll leave it at just the 4.
The guns
Organ Gun

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

War of the Roses - Armoured Longbowmen

Set WR6 Armoured Longbowmen.
8 bods in the set, one of them is a repeat pose and I broke my rule* of not painting repeat poses unless the bod has had at least some small conversion  like a weapon or head swop, and painted him.

Painted in the colours of John Bourchier - 2nd Lord Benners.
Close ups
Repeat pose on the left

*Not really a hard and fast rule more something to keep in mind so that I don´t end up with dozens of replicas.

PS. In the future I won´t be linking to and I will be altering or deleting any links to Wikipedia.

Friday, 11 September 2020

My 1/72nd collection.

How many have I? * Good question. Audit time!

First medievals in thier boxes
From top left;
Normans. 139 foot, 51 mounted
Vikings 118 foot, 14 mounted and also in the box, 21 turcopoles
Seige/artillery. 113 foot, 1 mounted, 21 guns, 2 rams, 5 seige mantlets, 2 catapults
Transport. 40 foot. 12 wagons, 15 packmules and 3 limbers
100 yrs War French. 75 foot, 46 mounted
100 yrs war english. 108 foot, 25 mounted
Hussites/Clubmen/Revolting peasants. 170 foot, 8 mounted, 5 wagons and 2 guns
Civilians. 142 foot, 4 mounted. Another 130 foot are unbased in the boxes. 7 market stands
Crusaders. 51 foot, 43 mounted plus general medieval soldiery, 53 foot and 2 mounted.
Saxons. 94 foot and 11 mounted.
Total so far.
1233 foot, 236 mounted, 23 guns,  17 wagons.
Display cases

Total in both.
Medievals. 113 mounted and 322 foot, 4 guns and 2 carts
Ancients. Romans - 16 mounted and 19 foot. 2 carpentum and a onager. Greeks 149 foot and 1 ballista. 5 mitanians and chariot. Britons - 2 chariots
Napoleonic. 79 foot, 3 guns and 2 limbers
Modern. 16 foot and 2 APU´s.
Bodstonia - 3 foot, 1 mounted, 1 gun with limber and ammo cart.
Fantasy. A dragon, a troll,
Odds and ends . 16 renaissance peasants, 13 guards band, 12 daleks,
Oh..and 5 ships on top

Second display case

Medievals 67 foot, 2 guns, 12 catapults, 1 seige tower,
Modern . 15 foot. WWI Planes 16, 4 Tanks
Bodstonia. 15 pirates and 11 Bodstonians, 5 boats
ACW. 1 Observation balloon
Khandibar - 1 boat
Fantasy - 4 Balrogs

Next lot, ACW and a box of odds and ends
ACW - 376 foot, 66 mounted, 8 guns, 6 limbers and 2 wagons
Odd Bods - 161 foot, 6 mounted and 2 chariots

Also, I knew I had to have more medievals somewhere and I´d totally forgotton this lot!!
The Bannockburn bods and WotR´s cavalry.(Box top left)
Another 307 foot and 129 mounted
Bodstonians and Khandibah
Bodstonians - 23 mounted, 269 foot, 11 wagons and 6 guns
Khandibah -   46 mounted, 147 foot, 4 guns and 1 wagon
69 mounted, 416 foot, 10 guns and 12 wagons

78 mounted, 452 foot, 11 Trolls, 2 catapults and one cannon
Romans, Gauls, Celts, Egyptians, Greeks, Carthaginians etc.
99 mounted, 1712 foot, 10 elephants, 11 Chariots, 4 scorpians

Medievals/Dark Ages - 478 mounted, 1829 foot, 27 guns, 14 wagons. 14 catapults, 3 limbers, 1 seige tower, 4 ships
Ancients - 115 mounted, 1901 foot, 15 chariots, 10 elephants, 4 scorpians, 1 catapult
Napoleonic - 79 foot, 3 guns and 2 limbers
ACW. - 376 foot, 66 mounted, 8 guns, 6 limbers, 2 wagons and 2 balloons plus ground crew
Fantasy - 78 mounted, 452 foot, 4 balrogs, 1 dragon, 12 trolls, 3 catapults and 1 cannon
Bodstonia. - 24 mounted, 310 foot, 7 guns and 1 limber
Khandibar - 46 mounted, 147 foot, 4 guns, 1 wagon and 1 boat
Odd Bods - 173 foot, 6 mounted and 1 ship

Absolute total---if my summing up is any good..😋
4991 foot, 882 mounted, 50 guns, 12 limbers,  17 catapults, 28 wagons/Carts, 15 chariots,10 elephants

Making this post took a while with all the counting so more have been added since. ...and I´m missing some, Celtic cavalry for instance.