Saturday, 15 September 2018

Confederate Troops on the March - Strelets

Like the Union soldiers on the march set, 20 poses, one of them a Streltsi.
As with the previous 3 sets, a minimal  bit of Flash needed dealing with.
Flag is the 30th Arkansas Infantry Regiment,
The bods have an irregular  mix of uniforms and Equipment like knives, hatchets. Two  carry either they are on the march from/to somewhere  or marching into Action on the battlefield although, I thought Knapsacks were left off when going into Action..or?
"I do like a pipe before a Punch up"
The 2nd Winsconsin got a new Standard bearer...the OOB one holding the Standard  at an angle looked out of place.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Union Infantry on the March - Strelets

20 bod poses in this, again not including the Streltsi, 19 poses. One is reckoned to be a Sergeant but I´ve put him to one side..maybe he´ll end up as an Artillery officer. As with the sets, there´s  only one Standard bearer so two rank and file bods had to be drafted in to make up the numbers.
Again, a doddle to paint and very Little Flash.
The Standard is the 15th Winsconsin.

The "Sergeant"
A bit of "Nature News".....4 more Urchins have been Born in our garden.
The pic below is the 4 of them just after they left thier nest. 
Two Portrait shots. They are quite Young and them to the Ivy leaves :-)
Two days ago there was a cheeping noise from the nest. I thought it was a bird being disturbed by them moving about but was one ot the Urchins cheeping!!! I never knew that hedgehogs could cheep but apparently they do it when they want to Signal to thier mother.
The next evening I waited for them to come out and one was so happy it´d found a big cheeped! 
THIS link has an example of one chirping.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Confederate Infantry Standing - Strelets

Another Regiment for the ACW Project, this time for the C.S.A.
Discounting the Bonus bod, a Streltsi, 21 poses.  Three aren´t much use in the regimental line up,  the camera man and two "Generals"  which means two repeat poses have to be drafted in the make up the regulation 20 bods per Regiment.
The thing I really like about these bods, the Minimalist Details. No hundreds of Buttons to paint, the sculpts have just enough detail to look the part and it doesn´t require  "professional level" painting skills to produce a decent looking bunch for the wargames table.
Not only that,  my set had ZERO Flash that needed removing!!!!
The Flag is the 16th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry.
It´s not due to the angle of the pic, the bods are genuinley different heights, just like in real life.
The camera man OOB,  looks away from the direction his  camera is facing but a quick neck twist and he faces the right way.
The two Generals are reckoned to be representations of Robert E Lee and  James Longstreet.
A bit of fun with the "spare" bods
The Generals line up for Phil the photographer 

Saturday, 25 August 2018

US Infantry Standing - Strelets

The ACW Project needs more troops. Ok, they aren´t Airfix but TBH  I couldn´t resist getting this lot.
20 poses in the set but one of those is a Streltsi so 19 actual ACW bod poses. No probs bringing this up to the 20 required  as the Union Regiments had two Standards, so one of the bods from another sprue became a Standard bearer. I´m not too happy with the lowered Standard  pose from the set, I reckon he needs swopping out.
Bit of Speed painting and basing "Old School" emerald green. The bods bases needed clipping on the sides to fit them on the stands.
The Standards are  the 2nd Winsconsin. No particular reason for choosing that regiment apart from the flags were  already saved on file.
The only small Problem is the command bods. There´s not enough of them. There´s  46 bods in each box, 42 when the Streltsi are taken off. With two command sprues it would be possible to create two Regiments.
Still, the sculpting and the poses are great and the biggest plus, very Little Flash.
Now onto the Confederate infantry Standing.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Medieval artillery park

27 blackpowder weapons, ranging from a Pot-de-Fer to a large Bombard, 13 Traction weapons, 126 crewmen and a handfull of seige Equipment, Mantlets, Rams, ladders, a Tonnelon and a Tower.
13 Things that go "whoosh" when they chuck things....
...and 27 Things that go "BANG!!!" when they chuck Things..
136 crewmen. Not all, as some are based with the device they are serving.
Makes are from Airfix to Zvezda.

Total of the Collection so far,, just bods and nags, with this lot added to the previous Army of the light, Army of the dark and the Massed Medieval cavalry Posts;  460 mounted, 475 foot. An obvious imbalance in the Ratio of mounted to foot but  that will alter when I post the medieval armies later.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Army of the light, Army of the Dark

After a Marathon of basing  of the wargs and  of the "Knights Errant", both armies on Parade.
Army of the Light
A mix of Adventurers, Elves, Cimmerians, Amazons, Dwarves and "Knights Errant". 
50 mounted, 124 foot

Army of the Dark.
A mix of trolls, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, Wargs, Undead and Balrogs
30 mounted, 175 foot...including 10 Trolls and 4 Balrogs
The army of the light has brought along it´s magicians and sorcerers............
...but so has the Army of the Dark

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Massed Medieval cavalry (2)

380 mounted medievals* from a wide range of sets, Airfix,  Italeri, Valdemar, Zvezda, Strelets, Caeser, RedBox,  and a wide time line  across the medieval period, Normans, Burgundians, 100 yrs wars, WotR´s etc.
First wave. Normans, Turcopoles, Crusaders/Teutonics. One of the bods (top right Corner, second wave) was tipped over by one of our Cats. This was only noticed after I´d posted the pics.
Second wave. 100yrs war French and English, English WotR´s, Scottish wars of independance Scotts and English
Waiting / Command. 

*Another 50 plus, Magna carter barons, Normans still not based, but they will have to wait as the mounted Fantasy bods are next for´s too hot to actually paint  anything. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Andrew Harclay and friends

Another 4 kniggits from the Falkirk roll and additions to the Medieval Lords and Ladies list.
Andrew Harclay, 1st Earl of Carlisle.
He´s already been mentioned here on the Welsh Spearmen post but only his Standard was shown. Seeing as he´s quite an Important Person of the period he deserves a bod to represent him.
His Nag is from The English Cavalry of Edward I    I covered the chainmail effect on the caparison with a layer of second glue to create a more or less flat Cloth like Surface, as done HERE
The bod is from the Scottish Army of Wallace set.
John de Moels. Argent two bars gules and in Chief three torteaux
Kings Battalion
I´m not so sure about the Pithhelmet on top of his great helm. I haven´t found any contemporary examples so far,  although I´m pretty sure I´ve seen a painting from around the 14th Cent with a kniggit wearing something similar.
Richard Siward. Sable a cross flory argent
Kings Battalion
Amenieu de la Brette. This one was easy.... Gules.
Kings Battalion
Two from the original Bannockburn Project, William Marshall and Thomas Ercedekne.
I painted them but in the rush to get the Project finished before the anniversary I didn´t take any individual pics or just pics of their Men-at-arms, so linking them to the "Medieval Lords and Ladies" post was proving impossible. 
The Caparison on William´s Nag is scratchmade like THIS
This site is good, Aspilogia.
Along with other rolls it Shows The Great, Parliamentary, or Bannerets' Roll, c. 1312  It alone contains 1110 Coats-of-Arms!!!!!
The site itself has over 2000 C.o.A´s, some repeated in the various Rolls but it´s a heck of a resource