Sunday, 22 March 2020

Purple Pirate Ballista

Actually, it´s the ballista and crew from the 2nd Dark Alliance Corsairs set.
The crew.
They seem to be a commander and ammo supplier and niether is actually interacting with the Ballista, although the commander can have his left hand put onto the winding gear.
The Ballista.
It comes in two parts and is held together with two pegs. This works fine although I added some second glue to make sure.

Friday, 13 March 2020

Anglo Saxons - Strelets

Set M003, the second set from Strelets titelled "Anglo Saxons". The first set (016) which came out a couple of years before this lot,  is, IMHO, as titelled Anglo Saxons, a bit of a mess.
Not to say they haven´t got a use,  a lot of them  could  easily be employed as medieval levy types.

This lot are the Saxon  Shield wall bods. As both Vikings and Anglo Saxons looked very similar they could be added to the Viking set M004 to create quite an impressive 24 man Shield wall. Add other bods from the various Viking and Anglo Saxon sets which are holding thier shields to the front and it could be as many 30 bods wide.
Add to that, headswops, weapon swops and Bods from other makes and the wall could get endlessly wide. Something to do one day…...perhaps :-)

12 bods, very little Flash.
The sprue also has A Sword, an Axe, two spears and three shields (two round, one Kite)
Three of the bods carry Kite shields. Two  are already attached but they could be easily replaced with round shields.
The  Kite Shield and one of the round shields have odd looking "riveting" around the rims so I replaced them with ones from the Zvezda Vikings set.
The spears got ditched in favour of one handed weapons.
A couple of close ups
What you get in the Strelets Stamford Bridge big box set if only one of each pose from each sprue is painted and no conversions.
39 Anglo Saxons and 39 Vikings.
The whole Anglo Saxon army so far. 68 bods, Emhar, Tumbling Dice and Strelets

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Anglo Saxons before Battle - Strelets

14 bods, quite a mix of armour, and weapons. Tiny bits of Flash to deal with, except, one of the spearman´s spear was a bit too covered in Flash,  so rather than spend ages removing it, I replaced it.

This lot are available as either set M050 (4 sprues)  or with the Hastings 1066; Anglo Saxon Army big box set (3 sprues) or in the Stamford Bridge set (two sprues)
There´s a bit of  possibility for conversions but not a lot so the Stamford Bridge set offers the best value.
"Come on, let´s be avin ya!!"
Fyrd types. 
I didn´t add a bowstring as the bod would probably string his bow just before the Action started. 
Axes and a mace. 

The mace threw me a bit, did the Saxons use maces? 
They are shown in the Bayeux tapestry, (pic 49B) William I with his mace over his shoulder and another mace flying through the air during the battle (top left Corner 51F)*
Ok, the Tapestry is older than the period the bods above are intended for, especially if they are part of the two big box sets but it´s an obvious weapon. 

Also, the Stone attached to a stick as a throwing weapon. On the strength of a comment  that what is shown is a "flying mace" I tried this out. Not going to the effort of making a hole in a Stone  but adding a stick makes the same Stone fly a lot further than without… get an added leverage Advantage (?)

*interestingly, one of the soldiers is Holding his axe the wrong way around. Mistake on the part of the Person who embroidered that bit or was he shown to be About to throw it?

Saturday, 29 February 2020

Housecarls of King Harold - Strelets

One of the "unique" sprues (the Brown plastic ones) from the Stamford Bridge big box set or,  as they were later brought out as  a set of 4  "normal" sprues in the Housecarls of King Harold M141.

14 bods on the sprue, one of which is a Streltsi Bonus Bod. He does have a dark ages look to him and I ´m considering using him as is or transplanting the arm holding the eagle onto another Bod. Time will tell.
Tiny bit of mold lines to deal with but it´s minimal.
I replaced the banner as it looked too Viking like and replaced it with a more Saxon looking flag.
As with the "unique" Viking  sprues in the big box set,  the poses don´t lend themselves to creating a shieldwall. Two of them can be used for such but that´s all.
I went for a slight Colour scheme of blue/White to give them an elite unit look.

Close ups
Command Group. The bod with his Sword raised doesn´t really say King Harold to me so I will use the Crown wearing bod from the second Unique Vikings sprue from the Stamford Bridge box set
Some of the grunts

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Vikings 2 - Stamford Bridge - Strelets

The second lot of Vikings from the Strelets  Stamford Bridge big box set.
As noted at PSR, some of the armour is of a later period than The Battle of Stamford Bridge but they are Vikings* and that´s what Counts.
13 bods, two are joined as a pair, tinsy winsy bit of Flash.

Not intended for building a Shield wall, not one is holding his Shield to the front.
A bit of a mix. Unarmoured bods through to heavily armoured ones dripping in chainmail and lamellar armour.
At PSR, the lack of armour is put down to the Vikings being taken by suprise so they had no time to get fully dressed. I think the unarmoured ones make  decent beserker types.
King, Standard bearer and on the left, some poor guy who´se got an arrow shot through his neck.
My favourite poses from the set

The Great Heathen far.
Strelets, Emhar, Zvezda and Tumbling Dice. 72 infantry and two mounted

*Or could be Saxons.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Knights of the Round Table (Pt 7)

Merlin and Guinevere.
I was going to give Merlin a nag with caparison so I could use his C-o-A , Sable, a fess Argent, 3 owls argent, a made up set of arms but what isn´t about the Arthurians Coats of Arms.
Anyway, I decided against it and he and Guinevere are mounted on normally tacked nags.

Guinevere riding side saddle? This is High medieval fantasy so why shouldn´t she?

The Merlin bod is from the Dark Alliance´s Half orcs on Wargs set . He was originally holding a bomb in his Right hand but I´ve removed the fuse and made it into a Crystal ball.
Could he ride a nag whilst Holding a staff in one Hand and a Crystal ball in the other? Of course he can, he´s Merlin!!
Guinevere is a Valdemar bodette from the Medieval Lovers set and her nag is from Odemars Carpentum set.

Incredible dio time. 1/35th scale "Sturmpanzerwagen 563 "Wotan"
Bods scratchbuilt, the tank super detailed, (interior as well) HERE
I´ve got this listed among my top ten favourite dios
The build thread is worth a look as well

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Vikings - Strelets

Another Batch of Vikings, this time the Strelets set MOO4 .
12 poses, not a lot of Flash. Some of the bods have ring Hands which are meant for the weapons attached to the sprue, 3 spears, a sword and an Axe.  The axe provided was fine, the spears and Sword not so.   I used a spear and axes* from the spares box.
Two of the bods had wings/Horns on thier helmets, these got removed.

This lot can be formed up to make decent looking Skaldborg (Shield Wall) with the shields overlapping etc, though my basing doesn´t allow that.
 Couple of close ups
*The excellent Site Hurstwic, reckons spears were a more common viking weapon but, if at all possible,  I really like my Vikings armed with swords and axes.

Thursday, 6 February 2020


The heavy Infantry set from the  RedBox / Alliance range of Cimmerians.
10 bod poses, very Little Flash

A.C.A.B ? One sees this set of letters all over the place and until recently,  I had absolutely no idea what they stood for..until now. Obvious when one thinks about it.
Amazonian Cimmerian Alliance Battlegroup.

30 mounted and 50 foot Bods and Bodettes
Archers and mobile long range weapons screen
Are they on the side of the light or the dark ? I reckon they could form an independant force who would tend towards the light side but under certain circumstances, with a bit of Persuasion, join the dark side. 

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Vikings - Stamford bridge - Strelets

This lot come from  the two big box set, Stamford Bridge . As noted in the review, they could work as either Vikings or Saxons but I´ve employed them as Vikings.

14 poses, a Tiny bit of Flash.
Three I´ve painted the shields with Lagertha´s Colours and...
.. another three in the Colours used in the Vikings series for Harald Finehair´s faction.

Half the set use axes as thier main weapon, and at least half the set could be Bondi. They can´t be formed up to create a Skaldborg (Shield wall) but can be added to the Strelets Vikings set which has all the bods posed with thier shields facing front.

The bod on the Right, his fur cloak is interesting as it has a wolf´s head over his shoulder..or have I interpreted it as so?

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Shield Maidens

Lagertha, WebiorgRusla and Hervor.

No Bodettes with "big fronts"  here. They are wearing protective clothing,  mainly chainmail,  so the female form would be "suppressed" to a greater degree than protrayed in most "historical" portrayals such as the Vikings series.
Ok, they may well have worn helmets* but to show they are females and not just any Viking bod re-classified as a Shield maiden,  I´ve left  them helmetless.
Heads from the Alliance  Amazons set and bodies from the Zvezda Vikings set.

The Shield pattern is shown on the shields carried by Lagertha and her  Shield maidens in the Vikings series, which I´ve used here.   It looks like it´s loosely based on the  Algiz (Elhaz) rune.
Lagertha´s Shield has the design shown later in the series, two areas coloured in red.

*Ok,  Birka, wasn´t buried with a helmet, probably why she ended up with a big cut on her forehead, but it doesn´t mean other Shield maidens didn´t wear them.
Were there Shield maidens?   IMHO, yes.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Saxon Fyrd

Still in a Dark ages Phase.
One of them, the boss, appears to be the Body of one of  the Tumbling Dice War of the roses bods with a Viking/Saxon head swop. I don´t know 100% as I got these as part a Job lot.
Spears made from florist wire, Shields from various Sources, including Emhar´s Saxons set.
Wether These are actually Vikings or Saxons I don´t know. There´s no pics of the sets over at Tumbling dice´s website. They work  for both sides, Saxon Fyrd or Viking Bondi.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Viking Commanders

..and cavalry.
Bods and nags from Tumbling dice, the shields are from the Zvezda Vikings set.
I´ve been watching the Vikings series so ..I got a bit influenced to paint some more😊