Thursday, 14 June 2018

Medieval civilians II - Valdemar

Set number II from a new range of Medieval citizens from Valdemar. Available HERE
6 bods and 1 pig..
Hopefully the piggy is only about to get a shave...
I hope so, because it appears that in the middle ages, pigs etc were killed with a blow to the head with something like a mallet or the blunt side of an axe.
The theme of the set seems to be "Medieval Butcher" and the bod on the left and the middle bodette could, theoretically, be carrying ribs but I prefered some sort of bundles of material

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Zombie Dogs

Three of a bunch of Zombie hounds Kindly sent to me by Phil (Philotep´s 1/72 Minis Kingdom)
I think his idea of giving them White eyes is  better than my attempt..see HERE

The Zombie Dogs are part of the Zombie Board game by Twilight Creations
Also, they provide heads for creating "Wolfens" Phil did on THIS post. Phil used the Caeser Orcs for his conversion..mine are from Dark alliance.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Anthony Bek and friends

4 more for the Bannockburn Project and another 4 for the Medieval Lords and Ladies post
Antony Bek, Bishop of Durham, Gules, a cross moline (also recerclée) Ermine. His arms are also described as  Gules, a fer-de-moline Ermine.(as HERE) but the Cross Moline seems more likely
Commander of the Second Battalion so he´s got a Standard bearer
Sir Simon Fraser of Oliver and Neidpath.  Sable, six cinquefoils argent, three, two, one
Kings Battalion
Robert de Hiltone (Hylton) 1st Baron Hilton. Argent two bars azure.
Second Battalion
Thebaud de Verdoun.(Tebaud) 2nd Lord Verdon. Or fretty gules a label of three points azure
Second Battalion 

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Ralph de Grendon and friends

4 kniggits who took part in the Battle of Falkirk 
Coats-of-arms taken from the Falkirk Roll 

I´ll be making up a few more for the "Bannockburn Project". 
The idea behind the "Bannockburn Project" was to use solely Strelets bods. I achieved that Goal but as with most of my Projects, it has been added to. I´ve only got a handfull of Strelets nags and kniggits left, particually nags with caparisons,  apart from the  Medieval Britian set.
As it´s still complete and on the sprue, which, if anyone knows, is going for a small fortune at the Moment, I´m keeping as it is. day Strelets will see the financial Advantage of reproducing the set but until that day, the bods stay attached to thier sprues and bods from other makes will be utilised to add the necessary kniggits.

Seeing as they aren´t Strelets Bods they will be based individually so they fit in with the rest of the Collection and can be used elsewhere.
Ralph de Grendon. Lord of Grendon. Argent two chevronels gules
(Fourth Battalion)
William le Vavasour.1st Baron Vavasour. Or a fess dancetty sable
John de Clavering. 3rd Baron of Warkworth and Clavering. Quarterly or and gules overall a bend sable overall a label of three points azure
There is an alternative where the Label is green me it looks odd. 
Seeing as his Coat-of-Arms is so colourfull,  he´s had a Standard bearer added.
William FitzWilliam Or a fess gules
(Kings Battalion)
Of Course, they will be added to the "Medieval Lords and ladies" list bringing it up to 99. 

I´ve been a bit lazy in my welcome to the Blog comments lately so....
Not only welcome to a new blog Follower but a new member of the Blogging world, Ian,  who runs a new 1/72nd blog called Denyer´s Bits and Bods which, IMHO, is really great. 

Friday, 25 May 2018

Medieval "On the March" 1

From Valdemar. "VA188 ON the March "
It says on the link, " 11 marching kniggits".  On the pics of the set there´s ten. I got these ten plus another who isn´t pictured on the Fredericus-rex site and his pose doesn´t actually fit into a set of marching bods, more a fighting pose than marching,  so I´ve left him out.
Mostly, the poses are slightly altered poses from other Valdemar sets, bits of personal baggage added, arms repositioned etc.
Anyway, they aren´t yet  based as a Group as I´m planning on adding another couple of sets.
The Blue/White Coat-of-Arms ? This combination, White on the right, blue on the left turned up on a painting among the federation of Swiss Kantons  at the battle of Marignano but is an unknown flag. A mirror Image of the flag for the Kanton of Lucern?
Also, I´m thinking of adding a red band to the design so if they were based it would be near impossible to do so.
Left Hand top quarter..White /blue shield shaped pattern on a White flag. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Andrew Moray and William Wallace

Two more for the Bannockburn Project, and two more for the Medieval Lords and Ladies list.
Andrew Moray
The real powerhouse behind the Rebellion? Well, considering Wallace´s downturn in Fortunes with the death of Moray after the Battle of Falkirk and a lot of Blind Harry´s Story about him being considered historically incorrect, ie; some of Moray´s achievements being given as those of Wallace, it Looks more like Moray was the man at the time.
Seeing as he´s not even mentioned in the Historically accurate docu film,  Braveheart, I´ve given him first billing here. 
Sir William le Waleys.
Commonly, his Coat-of-Arms is shown with a bordure counter-compony but the  Gules a lion rampant argent and a bordure compony of the last and azure was probably more likely, the bordure counter-compony being added because of it´s associations with illegitimacy.
I haven´t seen any versions with the bordure compony on the nags caparison but all red it looked a bit boring so I´ve added it. 
His Standard bearer..Jack Short?
Both joined with the entire army.
158 infantry
20 mounted

The Cavalry 
Someone showing thier respects to the english army

Thursday, 10 May 2018

John Stewart of Bonkyl

Back to medievals with another stand of archers for Bannockburn..or should it now , seeing  I´m adding named Bods from other battles of the period, be re-labelled,  the Wars of Scottish Independance ?
The Archer bods used come from;
Vikings against Franks
Army of Henry V
Scottish army of Wallace
The named bod from another battle? John Stewart of Bonkyl. He commanded the Scottish Archers at the Battle of Falkirk where he met his end.
He´s been added to the list of Medieval Lords and Ladies, bringing the total of personalities I´ve represented in 1/72nd up to 93.
Bods and nags from;
Scottish army of Wallace (John Stewart)
Army of Henry V   (John´s Nag)
Scottish army of Robert Bruce (Standardbearer)
Mounted Crusaders in Oriental Dress (Standardbearer´s Nag)
In Charge of his archers

Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Three Musketeers - Mesdemoiselles

Finally...a Change to  medieval themes.
These three Mesdemoiselles come from two Ultima Ratio sets, the Musketeers of the King of France (Constance Bonacieux and Queen Anne of Austria) and The Guards of Cardinal Richelieu (MiLady de Winter) and were sent to me by Phil (Philotep´s 1/72 Minis Kingdom)

There´s a Little bit of Flash to deal with but seeing as they are made using hardish plastic it isn´t too much of a Problem.
Each one as named by PSR
MiLady de Winter
Queen Anne
Constance Bonacieux (or possibly Kitty..servant to MiLady)
Constance and MiLady could take a place in the Bodstonian Landscape..but Queen Anne..?

Now Ultima Ratio will have to make a set of characters from ther late 60´s TV series The Flashing Blade   (Le Chevalier Tempête)

Monday, 23 April 2018

More Crossbowmen for Bannockburn

Another stand of Crossbowmen using bods from ;
Russian army of Alexander Nevsky
Army of Joan d´Arc
Medieval Crossbowmen
Scottish Army of Robert Bruce

It may well be historically innacurate, I couldn´t find any definate evidence of them being used by english crossbowmen at the time , but I´ve decided to give them Pavise. 
I was going to use the Pavise from either the  MiniArt French Knights with assault ladders  or the French foot soldiers with rams sets but  decided to go old School and scratchbuild my own. Similar to how I´ve made them before (HERE) but, seeing as the Pavise shape is different and I had to make 20,  I simplified the method by using thin strips of coffee stirrer for the central strut.
Most of the bods have had head swops but I got a bit more adventurous with one of them.
He is obviously from the Strelets Medieval Crossbowmen set but his head comes from the Strelets Army of Henry V set..the bod 6th row from top, far left.
Not only did the new stand get Pavise added but so did the first stand

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Medieval Welsh Spearmen

Another stand of bods for the Bannockburn Project.
The Standard. It bears the coat-of-arms of Andrew Harclay, 1st Earl of Carlisle.
Usually, the Cadency mark, the Martlet in the first quarter, signifies a 4th son but apparently he was the 1st would have had a Label as a cadency mark ??
Maybe I´ve missed something ?

I can´t find any mention of him  taking part on the campaign or being at Bannockburn,   he was probably busy with the defences of Carlisle at the time  but I reckon he would at least have sent a contingent of Soldiers for the Invasion.

Wether he did or didn´t send troops or was in fact present on the campaign, the addition of  his banner adds a bit more colour.
To make up the numbers conversions were necessary...mostly headswops

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Medieval Looting Party 1

The original titel is of those words that doesn´t neatly translate. Raiding Party would be equally as good as Looting Party.
From Valdemar, "Der Beutezug 1" VA187.  
Beutezug 1...another set on the way?
The set has 6 bods, 3 animals and the cart. The cart has a choice of either wheels or runners so it can be made into a sledge. All metal apart from the wheels which are resin.
Fitting the Body of the cart together is a bit fiddly but basically, any heavy duty glue can be used to fit the side Panels to the base. Then, to solid up the Panels,  a thick layer of glue can be added inside the cart as  the baggage Comes as a preformed slab and  when fitted, leaves a space of about 0.5cm between the bottom of the Baggage slab and Floor of the cart.

I advise prefitting the bods before painting. I didn´t and ended up having to use a rounded file inbetween the legs of the bod sitting on the chest as he didn´t quite fit. The one Thing that doesn´t come with the set...weapons. The sheathed swords came from my bit´s box.
The guide poles provided were a wee bit difficult to attach so I used wire, bent into a "U" shape which gave a better area to attach to the bottom of the cart. Reins are made from very thinly cut writing paper. To attach the guide poles I used a strap (made from writing paper) added over the Pad/saddle.
The poor captives. The male I´ve attached to the cart. The female has a rope around her neck but seeing as her Hands are tied behind her back, it didn´t seem necessary to attach her as well.
The cattle (One cow and one bull) weren´t added to the base for two reasons. One, space. The stand would have ended a lot longer and two, they are very nice sculpts and based on thier own, they can be added to other Scenarios.
On a hunt around the web I decided on the yellowy Brown which seems to be popular in 13-14th Cent paintings
The herd is growing