Monday, 7 September 2015

Garden Gnomes

Atfer seeing Tony´s recent Post on Garden Gnome Restauration I remembered I´d restored and painted up two of them  a couple of years ago. **
Number one....In it´s* natural Habitat.
Before the final layer of varnish
Original condition after many years left in the garden.
A warning...The next Pictures Show the terrible damage Footballs can do to a Gnome, so if any small children are in the vacinity, cover thier eyes!!
Vinegar and Brown...nope, rubber bands, sellotape and PVA...then fill with plaster of paris mixed with PVA
The second one*. It * should have kept out of the sun!!!
TBH, it was a fun Project, testing out  shading and highlighting on a large scale.

*Notice!!!  I have refered to them neutrally and haven´t given them names. That would be really pathetic and only done by  the likes of lonely old grannies who, beside filling thier gardens up with ornaments, keep hundreds of cats.
And besides,,  how would  Jeremy or Arthur feel if anyone knew what they were called?

** I remembered I´d painted could I Forget, but not wether they have been posted here as part of some other post.
Apologies if they have appeared before, but as they say, Gnome news is good news