Friday, 11 March 2011

Pony and small Horse Sculpts ("Light Breed")

The following little beauties I can show thanks to kind permission from the sculptor, Frank Ziegler.
They are in 1/72nd scale and are made deliberatly a wee bit smaller than the average 1/72nd scale horses as he says, "They are 1,5-2 mm smaller than the others, so you have a kind of tall ponies with 1,5-1,6m. This means they are real ponies for Zvezda sized riders, and light horses for HAT sized riders". The first 4 pictures show the standing and walking poses, the last picture, the galloping section.
I think you will agree, they are very nice sculpts and that the poses are quite original. They will come without Saddles etc so the modeller can "dress" them up as he / she wishes. IMHO, a great idea :-D.
I will keep you informed as to when they are released and where they are available.
More wonderfull sculpts from Frank on a later date...

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