Thursday, 2 June 2011

New sets from Alex

A couple of new sets hat have just been released. I have featured these before but there´s an added dimension to them.
Firstly a dancing party. I love the movement in this set...they all look so happy!! 
A famous medieval character.
And the painted version (not my work) She, and the dancers will be available from either Fredericus Rex or Valdemarminiatures.
Now for something that IMHO is fantastic. It is an older work by Alex.. Also in 1/72nd.!!
The problem seems to be that the reproduction of this masterpiece has hit difficulties in the mold making. I really hope it can be achieved.
Hello to  Fco. Javier Ortego Redondo...thanks for following :-D

One more thing...In the next few days I will open a new blog....this one will only feature the people who are following  this blog...I will categorise (loosely) the blogs in the list. The reasons are;
1. I am loosing track ...some of you who don´t regularily post are getting pushed off my "radar" and I´m missing out on what´s happening, which is a pity.
2. I would love to put everyones blogs up on my blog roll but that seems impossible, unless there is a rolling blog roll whereby one can put 100´s of  blogs on it and it shows the 20 or so latest posts???  By having a blog only for tracking..I will be able to keep up to date
This blog will stay EXACTLY as it is now.....unless....there IS such a thing as a rolling blog roll??
Anyone know of such a thing???