Sunday, 5 June 2011

FIGZ Meeting - a fun day out :-D

Well it seems Photobucket has decided that if you upload more than two or three pics  a year then your bandwidth gets exceeded...well stuff them, I´ll go elsewhere.
My apologies for the lack of pictures in some previous posts...they will return or I will have to replace them all manually using a reliable picture storage facility.
Anyway, yesterday I didn´t post because I was at the FIGZ meeting in Holland all day, and great fun it was too.
I met loads of friends and got to know a few more people.
For me there was a suprise, as I got first prize in the dio section with this;
For me this is really nice, as the dancing children are sculpts of my own children, the tamborine player is a sculpt of my wife and the lute player is a sculpt of me :-D
Many thanks to Benno and all who organised the FIGZ event, to all who came and made it a greta day out and many thanks to Alex who sculpted this wonderfull set :-D

Hello to Iowa Grognard...he says on his blog Iowa Grognard, 
"Iowa Grognard's Wargame Blog. Information and discussion pertaining to Miniature Wargames."
He´s got some great ideas, the one about making ploughed fields I shall definately use...