Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Blogger hits go wild

No bod post today...and I will only visit a couple of targeted blogs on my blog roll. I´m testing a theory. *

It seems that a lot of people are experiencing a MASSIVE increase in traffic on thier blog counters..some are seeing a doubling of their traffic.
I noticed this about 6 days ago...the traffic spiked and hasn´t gone back to a normal level yet. At first i thought it was due to my natural animal magnetism but then I  noticed some perculiar patterns...I was getting a lot of traffic from non modelling/wargamong blogs, one of those being this blog;
My first Book blog by Misha
She reckons she´s been hit by a virus...so I suggest caution when linking to her blog at the moment.
There´s a theory* that it´s not a virus (blogger would have picked up on it and a lot of people have done virus checks and nothing)  but it´s the blog rolls connecting to each other. It seems as if when you visit a site that you are following and you are on thier blog roll..you pick up a lot of hits from them and visa versa.
This is confirmed by a lot of the hits coming from blog roll blogs like Figoblogtheque etc...which are more or less just large blog rolls.
If this is the case, and it continues, then I will set up my intended followers blog roll blog...if it works...then we can all start such blogs..monetise and become millionares!! :-D

Hello to mk_ozkir. He´s just started blogging with his blog miniafv  but has got a great set of posts covering 1/72nd AFV´s, modern and WWII. His  conversion of a tiger to a recovery vehicle is very good.
Hello to Blio Ray.... from Миниатюры  (nnbminiatures blog.).He makes and paints models in 1/72 and 28mm and (3 and´s in a sentence!!) has just started in the blogger world.