Monday, 11 July 2011

The Plastic Pass it on Society.

The great thing about our hobby is the people. I haven´t met a bad n´yet.. The fact that I can 100% trust people with doing a swop or "in kind exchange" with someone I know only through a name on a Blog or a Forum and they all come´s quite something and long may it continue so.
I have already swopped with a fellow blogger and great bloke, Fran (The Angry Lurker). I had only just started Blogging and Fran was looking for some Daleks and I had an eye on his APC bods. It came to a swop..and went as smooth as can be.
I just recently swopped with a member of the TMP forum called Marc (Marc the plastics Fan)
He was asking about wether anyone knew where the Strelets confederate mounted command could be found..and I knew a man with a we exchanged...he got the Strelets set and as I don´t particually like selling bods,  I said send whatever he considered it was worth...and I got this!!!!
I f you´re looking in Marc...I´ll say again...Cheers mate :-D Great exchange !!!! :-D