Monday, 25 July 2011


A couple of thankyous to give out today.

Firstly to Dan from The command tent . I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was looking to get into dark ages stuff. and he wrote that he was looking to do Vikings etc in 28mm due to the range of bods being better and he had some 1/72nd scale vikings he was therefore doing nothing with and would I want them...I sadi yep but only if it wasn´t going to cause him too much trouble and this is what he sent!!!
Many thanks mate...I´ll see what I can come up with as a suprise back :-D

Next is Wolfgang Meyer from the Croeburn 1813 project  I´ve offered my help, not with the dio bau but with something else concerning the Project and he asked for my adress so he could send me a "couple" of photos...a couple mind you....he sent this little lot!!;
The pic doesn´t do the pile justice but there are 3 CD´s and hundreds of pics like these;
it doesn´t come much closer to a protrayal of reality than this!!
I can only recommend going to the Projects site and having a´ll be amazed at the talent and time that has gone into this diorama!!

Today I got my 300th follower...Mike from Mikes Wargames blog, a good old mix of bods and periods.

Thanks to all of you who follow this hotch potch of modelling ramblings..:-D.