Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Medieval Town Guard /Proclamation

Another set in preperation from Alex. This time the guards aren´t   drunk..but mounted on horseback and making a proclomation. These will be perfect for a command escort and signallers. The one reading I will find a place on the field of battle as a map reader.
The horses were originallyto be  produced with quilted horsecoats..but they will appear with smooth covers so that coas of arms can be added. A good idea IMHo as it makes the set more versatile (period wise)

Hell to Uncle Brian from A Fist Full of Plastic. Looking at the titel page of his blog I can safely say he must have very big fists!!! :-D Tons of 1/72nd plastic bods..some of (which annoys me :-D ) I can´t identify!!!  
His use of bods is pretty damned imaginative as well..