Saturday, 9 March 2013

Medieval Pike Block (Pt 2)

How time flys!! I started this project just over 4 months ago!!!
Then, there was only 12 bods in the it´s 21 so just over 40% finished!
Interesting are these bods........
I got given them by Michel from Michel´s Miniaturen Blog.
Made from metal, they are part of a new(ish) set of  swiss infantry and so far, I´ve only seen them for sale HERE 
The creator´s name Alexey Pivtorak is completely new to me. Anyone know anything about him?

The Swiss pike block being created by Frank Ziegler has also expanded, with the addition of halbardiers.
Added to the front ranks, the block is becoming one impressive looking beast!!!
An armoured Pikeman from the front ranks. So far there are 72 pikemen and halbardiers, and each of them can have either carry a pike or halbard which would mean a block with 144 bods..and then the musicians, arquebusiers,  command etc!!!!!!!!!