Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I´ve got a bone to pick with you

Ok, they aren´t 1/72nd, a bit of scale creep here, but it was fun painting them.


  1. I thought you made your own rules here. Should be okay to post just about anything!

  2. Cheers people :-)
    @Gunnar...I do make my own rules but I like to break all known rules..even my own, and if I haven´t made some, signed by a parliament of 20mm bods who, if they hadn´t agreed to them would have been sent to a fate worse than those of T.Omkins, then how would I get to break them? :-)

  3. So they're 54mm? big deal! Now you have undead giants!

  4. Very nice paint job there! I'm glad I found your site. I too collect 1/72 with the occasional 54mm and I found the same skellies here in my country. here's the link to them:

    I enjoy your site very much. Hope you can drop by mine and let me know what you think.