Monday, 18 October 2010

Red box - Gangsters + Policemen and civilians

"whose da Boss?"

The idea is a good one...original to say the least, except the figures need a lot of flash removing which in some cases takes nearly as long as painting the bods themselves.
The car used is a repainted 1982 Mattel Classic Packard.

Bonnie and Clyde...well they aren´t actually labelled as such but ....why not? 
The car is also from Mattel and repainted.

"Where´s dat Bugsy Malone ??"

Next up is from the Policeman and civilians set.
Again, the set comes with a lot of extra plastic.
which need to be removed. Painstaking to say the least, but in the end it was worth it.
Repainted.Car from a "no-name" Hong Kong manufacturer,


  1. Nice to see you have a blog going Paul and you've done a lovely job on those Cops-n-Robbers.

    I'm still waiting for some to arrive from Taiwan, just hope they don't have too much flash.

    Keep the pictures coming.


  2. Thanks John. I wouldn´t hold your breath about the bods not coming with a truck load of flash.

  3. Nice job. You were able to bring some "glitter" to these somewhat bland figures.