Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Airfix WWI RHA

Got this lot finished a while back...the commander bod (shouting/ has his base removed so he can be added to the dio later. Basically all of the riders look like Blakey from "on the Buses"..."I´ll get you Butler !"
And one more pic, the dio of the gun in action (a bit clearer than the last ones)


  1. Great job mate!You made those rather "plain" looking figures come to the based picture.The emhar gun is a much better gun than the airfix one,but there is about twenty odd years between them.

  2. Thanks mate...would you believe I have Just today built and painted the Emhar gun!!! Those bloody pins where the barrel goes throught the shield!! And the poxy wheel hubs !!! Did it say anywhere that the holes in the wheels are too small?? Did it?.....NO! That was another kit that nearly bounced of the wall!
    Still, it looks good when finished :-)

  3. Faultless effort here Paul, It's probably more like 40 years difference between the two guns.

    Keep up the great postings.

  4. Awesome, one of my all time favourites.