Friday, 26 November 2010


This little lot are made by Leonardo Torricini of Phersu miniatures.He is a very talented converter and re-designer of 1/72nd bods to create original new ideas for our little worlds. How many sets of Cavemen are there out there??? This is the first !!
He also does a large range of other subjects...mainly ancients, particually Etruscan themes and I recommend a visit to his site :-)
Camp folk
Hunting folk

It´s the first time, as far as I know,  that a reindeer or a baby mammoth has been reproduced in 1/72nd   (I know...someone will tell me differently :-D)


  1. They are okay, but not fantastic. The sculpting style does not make me exited. I've seen cavemen and women in 28mm (Cobblestone) that look a heck of a lot better.

  2. 28mm I shake my stick at!!!Not the greatest figures but I like the cavemen,when was the last time you saw a clean shaved caveman!!!
    The animals are I nice touch though.