Saturday, 13 November 2010

New Sculptor...Leon

Another great Sculptor from Russia...Leon. He has a varied range of subjects in 1/72nd scale , each of which he does justice to.They may be produced in limited runs...when I get any news I´ll bung it up here...I hope they come out soon:-)More Of Leons Bods can be seen at Bennos forum under the titel "Another Sculptor - Leon" in the Miniatures talk section, with an Intro from Alex.
Apparently this is one figure of a set of two


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  1. Very nice blog Paul, congratulations.
    About your minis, what can i say, superb ! an inspiration for any of us.

    I want to use this post about this sculptor (a very good sculptor as i see) to make a question.
    I have been noticed about new techniques to sculpture direct from 3D models made with Autocad or other programs, i have seen result and it is perfect.
    The question is:
    Do you now if is any manufacturer using this technique to get the masters rather than a human sculptor ?