Friday, 5 November 2010

O . Sharif and the boys

Another set in the seemingly never ending Airfix sets.
The plastic was pretty brittle with this lot, the so called "plastic rot". Being a bit of a lazy sod, I painted only two horses and only both camel poses  so that all the mounted bods could be put into two photos.
How the hell the one in red manages to stay put on that hump!!! Gripping on with teeth in his butt?

Basically, the set is ok...usefull from Beau Geste to WWI period but it´s a pity there aren´t more single bod poses.


  1. Great painting mate,where Pete O'toole?Those camels look cool.Saw some great pictures at clouds hill(lawrence of arabia's house)of the arab revolt.bloody tiny place no inside bog either!

  2. Thanks mate.
    No inside toilet!!!! Must have been crap living there...boom!! boom !! :-) Could explain the strained look he sometimes had.

  3. This has inspired me to finish off some of mine too...

    Great stuff Paul