Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Revell 1/72nd De Havilland D.H.2

This one nearly sent me into the looney bin....the rigging!!!! It never seemed to end !. I had considered it everytime I saw it in a shop and everytime told myself.."NO WAY!!" Finally I convinced myself with the thought that if I can get even half the rigging done then I would be pleased...many hours and many many curses later......:-)


  1. Fantasic work on this Paul. One of the best WW1 aircraft I have ever seen. Awesome stuff!

  2. Thanks....it is one of the most fiddly WWI planes I have yet built....fun though:-)

  3. That is so stunning! You should visit the RAF Museum in the UK if you love planes!

  4. Nicely done Paul I agree that the rigging is the tricky bit. My main problem with that particular kit was building it for game play. After the first case of broken boom syndrome I replaced the plastic ones with metal tubing for durability. and had to forgo most of the rigging. one question, did you use stretched sprue, or thread for the wires?