Sunday, 21 November 2010

Troubadour and Family

A wonderfull little group from Alex. These sculpts are all made from photographs of real people and the similarity to them is uncanny I can tell you....They look so much like the subjects it´s hard to believe that such a thing is possible in this scale. These will be released as part of a medieval civilian set from Valdemar, a set which, for me  is an absolute must have.  Very very special thanks to Alex from me and my family  ;-) :-)


  1. Not my era Paul, but this guy surely makes some great and very lifelike figures!
    Waiting for you photos, when they are painted!

  2. They `re looking great. Unbelievable that they should be in 1:72.

  3. The thing about these particular sculpts is that I know the people who are protrayed and I can tell you...the similarity is uncanny!! From just two pictures of the faces (front and profile) and the height of the real life subjects, he has got them incredibly true to life (ok the adult female is slimmer than in real life but this has pleased her immensly :-))
    To create a face in this scale takes skill but to copy one is true artistry!!!!! When you think that the faces are only a couple of millimeters wide and tall, it shows what talent Alex has...incredible.

  4. Alex is the master!I have had a go a sculpting and failed,so its harder than it looks.