Sunday, 12 December 2010

Medieval Houses 1/72nd

This is one of a set of houses produced by Conny of  fredericus-rex.. There is a range of houses already available and many more planned. They come as a flat pack of Photoetched wood which you build and paint up yourself...real model making :-) Buildings with top floors can be seperated to allow acess to the rooms in which you can re-create medieval scenes of family life, the pub..whatever. Later, seperate doors, windows, stairs are planned.
The following house was built and painted by Conny and his wife..

The stonework!!  The woodwork!!! It´s hard to believe that these are made out of wood!!

I have seen these beauties for real and I can tell you they look EVEN better than in the pics.. An absolute must for every medieval or Fantasy fan.


  1. Stunning work!!
    Simply magnificent!!!


  2. Fantastic looking bits of kit, really impressive; scary prices though...

    Best wishes,

  3. That is amazing work,but it must cost an arm and a leg.

  4. These are spectacular... I almost regret that I'm switching to paper for my fantasy terrain, but the cost must be prohibitive.. Still, photoetched wood. Man, that's something...


  5. That's really beautiful! That's so realistic! Great paint job by Conny and his wife!

  6. They are wonderfull houses. I have ben collecting medieval bods mainly civilians for a BIG project I want to do in the near future and these houses have turned up at the right time. I´ll have to save up my pocket money but I will definately get some .