Monday, 6 December 2010

WWI Gun Crew (Emhar)

So here they are...the most unconcerned looking gun crew I can think of. :-/
The officer? What is he looking at and what is he pointing at?? You can´t place him anywhere with the gun and it looks ok. Not to the left, right, front or behind or even underneath it!!
The one with the shell. He looks like he is taking it for a walk in the park!!!
The only one who even looks involved is the one with his hands over his ears...but why? Who has fired the gun, or is it that he is ignoring the commands of his dippy officer ??
THE THREE "WISE" MONKEYS...See nothing,  hear nothing, doing nothing

ONE WITH SHELL:::"What shall I do with the shell sir?".   OFFICER:::  "Look you orrible little man, put it over there, I´m birdwatching at the moment!!"    ONE KNEELING:::"Stop!! I cant bear the silence!!!"  


  1. You painted them well, too bad they are such crap figures, better replace them with the new HaT crew ;)

  2. You did a great job on those figures bud.You right they are not the most usefull figures in the world.The officer reminds me of "George" in Blackadder goes forth.

  3. I want your sense of space and arrangement. I would probably just place these figures without really seeing the problem, but you've spotted exactly what's wrong. Another lesson to absorb.

  4. Good work. They look really good to me.

  5. I have a cunning plan sir. . .
    Great work as always Paul!
    If you stay out of work, you can always become a script writer! You are very imaginative!!!! :-)

  6. Well painted, this set could have been better eh?

  7. Great job on bland figures, you work with what you got...sometimes.

  8. Thanks :-)
    It is a dreadfull set...the gun is quite nice and the infantry but the crew which would have made the gun better if they had fitted to it...are in the words of one famous poet....crap!!
    @ Thanos...after what I heard at work today I might well have to take up the pen...cut backs!!!
    Mind least I will have more time for painting.....and writing :-)