Sunday, 30 January 2011

Basing Bods

This is how I base my bods and nags.
Tools needed, Scissors,Tinlid, an old CD, woodglue, sharp sand, bottles tops with a bit of Babybell wax and bases I make like this.

A nag or a bod gets glued (woodglue is fine) to one of the bases and it´s left to dry. Mostly I do this when they have been painted.

I put a bit of woodglue onto the tinlid and add sand, mixing until it becomes a paste.
The paste is then added around the base of the Bod/nag trying to cover as much of the original base as possible. This is where the old CD comes in use. I cut spatulas out of them...making the tips as wide or thin as I want. They also eventually become clogged with mixture after a few uses.This doesn´t matter though, as they can go in the bin where the CD would have gone anyway.

In this picture the mixture was a bit too thin. No problem..I just scatter some dry sand over the top and it makes a rough surface, good for drybrushing.

Hello to Michael Fisser whose latest work can be seen at his Blog Ministories His WWII desert scene is worth a look as is all the things he´s done there.
Hello to Mark Haughey. Nice Avatar Mark...I´ve looked but it doesn´t seem you have a Blog...or?
And hello to Andy Mcmaster, the proud owner of no less than 4 Blogs...two of which are still there to look at, but inactive, the other two, Another slight diversion and the Tyneside wargames club are very active with loads of great things to look at and follow.


  1. Always interesting to see other approaches. I wouldn't have thought of using CDs, but it's a good idea.

  2. Nice to have a behind the scenes post!

  3. Good tutorial...nice to see what other people are doing

  4. Good entry Paul !!!
    A lot useful !

  5. Interesting. I am starting to get some ideas forming.

  6. Thx for the welcome Paul. I just throw sand over the glue when basing. Will give this a try to see how it works out for me.

  7. I do a similiar basing, but use a diluted wood glue on the base and then sprinkle with sand. After drying I paint with a base coat and once that is dry I flock. However I'm still evolving.

    My blog is:

    It is still evolving too

  8. Hmmm, my knowledge of the workings of Blogger is still evolving. Sun of York is my nom de plume. Also known as Mark Haughey (mostly).