Thursday, 13 January 2011

Zvezda Triarii

The paint on the shields got a as I was painting them and ended up a bit rough looking. My excuse is that  they have been using them for dry hill Punic Tobbogan Racing :-)
Here´s a great little blog... Allen, Builds and paints  some Excellent Futuristic Models and his wife, Carmen, has her own Blog. which is well worth a read.  Allens Blog  One painters Crusade
and from Carmen   Mummy´s Moments


  1. Very creative - in every sense!

  2. I like the grubby shields - makes them look as though they've been on campaign for a while.

  3. Nice - Zvezda makes some of the best 1/72nd figures for sure. Dean

  4. Is there some kind of autopilot for Blog-Comments available? I mean something like: You make a new post and automatically I comment "Great work"!
    It would save a lot of time ;-)

  5. Looks awesome! This set was released after I finished my Republican Roman army. I should go back and paint some for fun.

  6. Don't you get sick of painting up great work! I did not even notice the shields until I read the text. Awesome as usual!

  7. Thanks guys..:-D
    I don´t think I will ever get sick of long as all of you lot keep inspiring me with your Blogs and your work, big scale to the very tiniest, from historical to the strangest of fantasy. Keep it coming and I´ll keep following, looking and getting inspiration.
    Welcome captain Richard, great Blog mate. :-)

  8. More great work Paul,keep 'em coming mate!

    Cheers Rich,

  9. I adore this set of figures!!!
    You did great job on them Paul!
    Well done!!

  10. They look as if they are preparing to be rushed by enemy cavalry!