Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Airfix Waterloo French Imperial Guard

Just to show that even painters like me CAN get better :-D
From just over a year ago....

....and about two months ago. Not totally brilliant but a bit of an improvement. :-)

Hi Carl Hendrickson. Carl seems to paint the way I do...a wide range of themes and it seems he´s just discovered the joys of 20mm bods. His new project, 20mm scratch build of a slum looks great. 
You can se this and loads more at Solowargamingintheuk


  1. More than a bit! The road goes ever on, but progress can be made.

  2. Everyone can get better, your work is very good.

  3. The more you do it the better you get, nice paint job!

  4. Very nice, Paul very well painted - tell me, are the good old Airfix chaps' plastic still horrendously soft and malleable? Still got nightmares about 'em...

  5. Great improvement, awesome

  6. Thanks :-)
    @Monty. The sets produced later are still a bit soft but the older ones are suffering from the dreaded "plastic rot"...a condition whereby the softener is leaking out of the plastic and they turn into a sort of hard cheese...some becoming so brittle that even touching them results in them snapping. A few of my WWI germans, indians and sherrif of nottingham bods broke when being painted!!

  7. Thanks Paul, very kind of you for the link. I have to ask do you paint your figures with PVA before you undercoat them? I do this and it seems to give them some strength. I like the Frenchman-your brush must be so thin!