Wednesday, 23 February 2011


These pair are from my very first post here, Medieval Highwayman, but I just wanted to show that the faces that Alex creates are so wonderfull. The pics aren´t the best in the world but you´ll get what I mean. They are a real joy to paint. :-D
I suggest taking a look at Mike Witakers Blog,Trouble at T´Mill.  Lots of great Wargaming reports. Why it´s been overlooked...I can´t imagine. Makes me wonder many blogs are sittting out there, thier owners plugging along and no-one (or few) have seen them??


  1. A good face defines a model, these are good character faces, by the way your robots are in the post.

  2. Lurker's right - we home in on the face. I also wonder how many undiscovered wonders there might be out there in the corners of the blogosphere.

  3. Agree as well, one of the first that gets noticed and define the model. These look very good! some of the nice faces are sometimes unfortunately spoiled by the painting of huge eyes IMHO, not here...

  4. The devil is in the details...
    Alex is one of the best sculptors, can't disagree with that!
    As about the bolg thing, I think it is a matter of ''social networking''...a rather common expression's not what you offer, but how you offer it. If these fellows take part it the right places, they will get known. Especially if their work is good!

  5. very good face in small scale my friends

  6. Alex make some amazing faces but you still have to be able to paint to high standard to produce faces like yours mate.
    He looks like an evil bugger doesn't he.I swear I voted for him in the last election.

    Cheers Rich.