Sunday, 6 March 2011

Airfix Waterloo French Imperial Guard III

Right...I´ve finally got each pose of the set finished which means another mob in the quest out of the way.:-D
Les officers and mates
Les "Grunts"
Hello James Brewerton. James has three Blogs, I won´t list them all but on his Blog Exiles Wargames Painter, he shows his work which he, in his own word..."things I´m painting for fun or money"


  1. Ils sont beaux! Ils sont magnifiques!

    One of your best miniatures! Great painting-job!

  2. These are great painted Paul. You're becoming real good on that blacklining :-D

  3. Very, very nice, they're getting better and better.

  4. Nice stuff - but what is with the guy sitting down?! Looks like his head is missing? Regards, Dean

  5. Beautifully painted but surprising how unimpressive the sculpts are compared to the other Aifix Naps.


  6. You did well to keep your concentration with so much repetition. They look good, all the more as a group.

  7. you are the van gogh of model painting, well done. can i use these photos?by the waywhat plastyic models are german and can be bought in germany

  8. They look a lot better than the expensive metals and are anatomically correct.

    But only so many types are available, forcing conversions and substitutions.

    We used to substitute the 1776 British Grenadiers for the grognards, because this was a later set and did not yet exist, before my hobby shops all went out of business.

  9. Thanks :-D
    @Dean...the guy is holding his poor bandaged does look like he´s lost it from the photo :-D
    @ problem..I´ll lift the copy right on them for you...give my blog a mention and it´s fine for you to use them :-D
    I´m not bad at painting but no way one of the best...thanks anyway :-D
    Just a mo...Van gogh?...I´ll need to cut off an ear now!! :-D
    Plastic soldiers made in Germany? In 1/72nd, Prieser, Revell and that´s it I think
    @Mekelnborg..these days there are sooooo many troop types in 1/72nd plastic for the napoleonic wars it´s unbelievable!! If you´ve got a couple of hours look at Plastic soldier review (linked here). The amount of plastic bods has increased at a frightening rate, one reson for me getting back into the hobby.

  10. Thumbs up, Paul. Again a lot of very well painted Bods!

  11. Beautiful work. Faultless as per usual...Damn you!

  12. very nice looking frogs, do you game with 1/72nd or are they just for display
    BTW thanks for the welcome
    Peace James

  13. Thanks James..
    I used to game with them, WWII and Napoleaonic, the old 1970´s Newbury rules...these are bods from 30 years ago with a new paint job. I´ve still got a couple of thousand of them..if I ever get to painting them i doubt it.
    My aim at the mo is to paint up and start a medieval fantasy game with a city and medieval armies attempt to combine at least 3 of my projects into one.

  14. Beautiful painting !!! I had not yet seen the Airfix'grenadiers painted so well !! Compliment.

    Best regards Carlo Antonio