Thursday, 10 March 2011

Caeser Undead

mThese three are some of the opposition for the adventurers. They are the basis for a strange cult called the PURPLE H.A.N.D. HAND..stands for Have A Nice Day. I think they are being cynical...we´ll see.  :-D)
Hello Screaming Eagle. SE´s Blog, Behind My Hedgerow,  is mainly concerned with LOTR bods and gaming with them (good man :-D)


  1. Fashionable outfit! Where can we sign in to the cult :-)

  2. Very nice. Purple brings out their eyes.

  3. I currently have the entire Caesar Undead line primed on my painting table so I can paint them and do a review. You are making me look like a copy cat. :-) Love seeing your work and tips. I think your blog actually pushes me to spend a bit more time at my painting table. Thanks.

  4. Very nice, love the undead in any form.

  5. I had never heard of them. That's a pretty cool kit. Nicely done as well.

  6. Really nice job, I can smell the death from here!

  7. Hello Paul,
    your figures are very beautiful and a great paintjob!
    Thank you very much for your friendly words in my
    blog! Also thank you for the tip with planetfigures, it's a great site. I have registered, but I don't know if it works, because
    working with computer is not my greatest. I am too old for this! :-)
    Have a nice weekend and much fun with our hobby.
    Cheers, Wolfgang

  8. You posted this in the wrong period. Halloween has pasted allready a couple of months ago :-)

    They're great painted, and I'm looking forward to see all the figures of this project in one picture ;-)