Sunday, 3 April 2011

Airfix 1/76 WWI MKI Male Tank

This was one of the earliest kits that Airfix released in 1/76 way back in the  1960s and is still a good build even now. The kit for the male version is exactly the same kit for the Female, except the Female sponsons (the boxes on the sides) aren´t included. With the female kit you have the option of building both a male or a female.
Why a male and why a female???? Look at the armaments on each 
I´ve a plan to include it in a "he´ll" turn up again at some point covered in mud !!


  1. Intriguing nomenclature indeed.

    Aesthetically, the design is still solid, and maybe we have a better appreciation of this kind of thing these days. You've definitely made it look clanking and real and the mud effect is very believable.

  2. So if it's pointed up or down, then?

  3. Good work, helped a friend paint a lot of these for his WW1 fixation.

  4. Super work. I have been put off these things since reading Charley's War in the 80's. Must have been terrible in these things.

  5. Nice work Paul Operationally they have been effective. Otherwise the Germans would not have been busy building tank killer aircraft which would have been entered service in 1919 Any vehicle with lots of rivets looks good IMHO. No wonder so many Warhammer 40k tanks were loaded with them. Riding in those old tanks had to be a painful experience.

  6. Thanks :-D
    I´ve read a couple of books on these things...the osprey one gives pretty good descriptions on how cramped, loud and hot inside one of these things. Also the terrible design faults like having the escape doors on the sides open outwards...not a good idea when the thing is burning and stuck in deep mud. The road speed was something like 6mph and on the battle field much less. There you´d be, trundling along, every bullet strike making red hot flakes bounce of the walls, deafened, chocked by exhaust and cordite fumes, sweating in 4o plus degrees of heat and being shaken by the bouncing and vibrations. Great fun!!!!

  7. Sorry but the white/red/white markings were not used on the Mk1 but otherwise great stuff