Sunday, 24 April 2011

Airfix Guards Band

The absolute Grand daddy of plastic sets, This set was released 51 years ago !!!!! I remember it being my very first set as a nipper, that and the Airfix Guards Colour Party. I used to spend hours lining them up along the hall....great fun. :-D
The drum, not the big one, had to be replaced...lost many years ago :-(

I´ve posted this lot before, but now they have been placed in thier natural habitat.
" yiiiiiiiiii´s ...........LEFT!!!!!! "

Hello to Baxterilius from Frozen Gamer AK. There´s some very large battles  (amongst ohter things) to look at  and he also has a Youtube page...his X-mas greeting is well worth a look...very funny!!!!! :-D


  1. Very nice Paul! Just in time for the Royal Wedding.

  2. Great backdrop too. True dedication, to make the journey just for that photo. Wait... you're not invited to the wedding?

  3. At least you painted yours... (Nicely done by the way) Mine languish in a box with all their Airfix brethren as I still could not part with them when I got addicted to metal.

  4. Thanks...I was invited to the sweep up the litter afterwards :-D
    @Drew...paint´ll find it´s fun..Nice star wars blog btw.

  5. Very nice !I had bought them in 1974. I regret not having more.
    But they seem to have reprinted, I do not know!!

  6. I like these (grand) daddy's a lot

  7. got mine in the 70's and the marching busby's and I'm pretty sure I bought a box of awi continental infantry. they fought many a war with the guard while the band played on.


  8. A very interesting subject done well. Every army needs their musicians.

  9. That takes me back! Very nice work as always Paul!

  10. I remember being bought this set in the 60s. I remember wishing they had a more bellicose set so I could kill something!!!
    Got my wish big time in the intervening years!

    Thanks for reminding me of a more innocent age!
    Better painted than any I did...!

  11. Wow, they do bring back the memories but I remember they didn't get played with much because they didn't have guns......

  12. What, those are the Airfix? I thought these were the actual Guards when I first looked, the background fooled me. Very good.

  13. Really, great timing. I had a set of these a long time ago when I was a kid; never painted them - they were molded in red and I just played with them like that. Dean

  14. Well at least you don't have any 'Wills & Kate' figures.
    I am so nonplussed by the wedding thing that I have volunteered to work on Friday just to get away from it.

  15. Very nice job! What did you use to paint them. I have little regiment of these, unpainted.


    1. Thanks Tito. They are painted with Acrylics.