Friday, 1 April 2011

Anti - Matter Marine

This is my effort for the A-Z challenge this month run (with help from others) by Arlee Bird of the Tossing  it out blog.  Basically...each post all month (except sundays) should start with the consequetive letter of the alphabet.
This guy I did a while back...why??? I don´t know..messing about, trying something different  I suppose  :-D
Hello to David., Aka Laughing Ferret. A great sense of humour and some great mini painting on his Blog Laughingferret. The bears are great:-D
Hello To Darren Greenwood..thanks for following :-D
Hello to Will from WWI Aviation Illustration blog.  Very inspirational pics of WWI planes, made by Will himself. A new refrence source for me and All lovers of stringbags :-D

To all Bloggers...some of your Google friends links are just not working...I click on some peoples Avatars and all that comes up is that the person is following so and so, the actual Blog doesn´t show up!!  :-/
I advise checking this function.


  1. Experimentation is life. I love the concept, and questions are already appearing. Where do anti-matter marines get deployed? Why? Could be explosive...

  2. Didn't notice that before, but you're right- my blog doesn't show up when you click my icon. No idea why. I have it in my profile, and have done google searches for the answer, only finding others have the same problem with no solution. How did you get yours to show up?

    Fun A-Z idea ... should be fun to see what you come up with :)

  3. And of course now I found the solution: for anyone else with the same problem, you need to add the link by clicking your icon on someone else's blog follow list, then click 'settings' in the upper right, then click Add links.

    and For tomorrow's 'B' might I suggest Berzerking Baboon?

  4. Thanks Dave..i was just looking how I´d set the thing up but I think I did it more by chance than design :-D
    I wish I had a baboon...and the time to paint one´s a good idea :-D

  5. Good spot Paul,
    Have updated my profile so I think my Blog is listed now. Thanks.

    Tom WD

  6. Hi Paul,
    Had spotted the same thing when someone new came to call on my blog, Best thing we can do is add the link into our profile so everone goes straight.

  7. Looking forward to your post on the letter "Z"!!

  8. just click the above its got all the old posts plus new its called plasticmenplasticparts if i have memory but i have been hitting the scotch

  9. I think it worked Fixed Bayonet Metal Soldiers, to plasticmenplasticparts. That could be confusing though, to remember which one is which.

    I pinched one of Bukowski's titles for a blog post, Das Schlimmste Kommt Noch, The Worst is Yet To Come. Glad to see someone else reads him.

    I wonder if mine works. Probably not.