Thursday, 14 April 2011


...and a couple of the guys. I was going to do a larger group of them but...firstly I ran out of bodys and heads to convert, I didn´t want to spend more money and I got distracted by another project :-D


  1. Nicely done and don't we all get distracted by something else we need to do.

  2. Very nice! Your dios are always so action filled!

  3. Great great great!
    Now, let the Persians get close....

  4. Good stuff Paul!

    What make are the figs?

  5. It looks cool with that mix of poses, and the painting effect is very ethereal.

  6. So with my ten Spartans ( we're only 284 short?

  7. Thanks :-D
    @KP...the bods are from the ceaser Celts...the heads from the Hat Greek hoplites, pants from greenstuff :-D
    @Tim...If your up for it mate, we could do a "joint effort" 300 dio...I can do half the other, (I´ll send mine to you, no problem) and / or if anyone else is up for it we could do a joint "blogger" THIS IS SPARTA!!!! dio. :-D

  8. Wish I could get some painting done.
    1 note though, The use of the Lambda symbol on Spartan shields did not begin till after the Persian wars period. Ospreys book on the Spartans gives the actual styles used.
    Dont think anyone will mind though!- if you're happy, I am happy!

  9. Herkybird
    Mine were painted in the late 1970s which certainly makes them ancient, but well after the Persian wars period...

  10. Wow! Those are friggen awesome. Great job!

    I dressed up as Leonidas a few years ago for Halloween with a bunch of my friends. Needless to say, it was the best Halloween ever.

    And nice blog!

  11. :-D
    I know, the shield designs are a bit "historically inncorrect", well, badly wrong but it´s more or less a representation of the film the 300, sorry, with Tims guys...the 16.
    And anyway..the leather posing pouches are also a tincy wincy bit incorrect as well :-D
    The one thing about me as well. is that i wil try to get as close to historical stuff as i can but I aint too worried if for example i mix 14th cent knights with 100 yrs war ones to build a medieval army...terrible I know, and some wargamers would kick me out of the wargaming club for my historical misdemeaners but each to his own eh?? :-D

  12. Paul
    We could all take photos of our various Spartans against a neutral background and send them to you so you can Photoshop them into a single image. It then wouldn't even matter what scale thay are (my 6mm chaps want in on this). What do you think?

  13. At Least with the Lambda symol on the shields you can tell who they are!!
    My painting is woefully innacurate-but if I like it and it seems right I am happy.
    All hail to free spirits! (Not alcoholic ones!!!)

  14. Great subject!
    Who care if is not historically correct, this is just like 300 movie and comic book... Awesome!
    Spartans! For tonight we dine in hell!