Sunday, 22 May 2011

Fairy Horse

Another flying thing...this time a horse. I made an attempt at using a method of painting called Grisaille, it´s more complicated than I thought, and I will definately need a lot more practice :-D
I think the technique would be more usefull on larger scale sculpts.

Hello to Mario GarciaG...from Nucel Art, The end is near blog. very creative and  wonderfull sculpts, which would be way better for the Grisaille technique.


  1. I would HATE to have to try fly that thing!
    Looks really spooky - nice paint style though, I would persevere!

  2. It looks like a combination of dry brushing and blending with a wide brush. Fairy ANYTHING are supposed to look a little spooky rather than cute. How I know that is that I have a daughter. The insect wings are a good change from bird wings.

  3. You been pulling wings off Dragonflies again Paul???

    Watched the video. I assume it involves using a very wet brush and keeping the paint wet as you blend the colours. Never tried that technique so kudos on you for trying and the result is fine. Look forward to seeing how you get on with other models

  4. Very cool Paul. It is a great technique and the miniature looks good. I particularly like the insect wings. Have you ever used acrylic interference colors? They are good when working on insects and any place you want an iridescent effect. It looks clear when applied but it has mica chips in it which refracts particular wavelengths of light giving you shimmering colors.

    I learned about Grisaille when studying painting on canvas in a class. I eventually adapted it to miniature painting. I use a similar technique when I start my computer generated profiles. I think the monochrome makes you think about light levels and the form of the subject.


  5. Paul - off thread, but just in case you do not see on TMP, but Bro and I would be very pleased if you could pick up a box of the Strelets Confeds for us. I have added an email at TMP.

    Oh, and nice Pegasus, but would insect style wings be strong enough to support all that horseflesh? :-)

  6. Great work, much too advanced for me, even after a few bevies.

    Well done!

  7. After finding out what Grisaille was that is very good work, more than I would attempt.

  8. Thanks :-D
    @Marc...will do mate :-D
    @Will...I´d never heard of these acrylics..thanks. I added some silver to the last two top coats, and it makes the horse actually glow in sunlight, but so much that taking any photos is impossible.
    @ KP. I kept the paint wet all the way through, adding and blending different tones like in the video. Bloody difficult, you have to work fast!!