Thursday, 16 June 2011

Carpentum (odemars)

Carpentum!? What the heck is that? A wagon basically,,The PSR review answers it better than I can, so I´ll stop the scribbling and put up the pics
The roof supplied was way to fiddly and small so I made my own from guess what?? Green floor insulation with some braided copper wire around the edge :-D
The very first and the very last time I "dipped" anything in any sort of clever and expensive shader. The nags look too glossy and no...I won´t use dullcoat. It´s a reminder for myself to either paint properly the first time or not at all.
OOPS!! Watch looks as if mother in law´s come for the ride !!
Hello to Kevin Howroyd. Kevin  paints and games in a range of scales and periods. His Jacobites are lovely!!! He even has his own games room..the lucky ***** :-D
Oh...sorry,  his blog...Kevs Wargames Cabin


  1. That's damn nice work and without the mother in law there could be a sign saying if the Carpentum is rocking don't come a knocking. Really well done sir.

  2. The roof is superb. I was going to suggest toilet paper, but you got me.

  3. The copper wire works great, would never have guessed it. Good stuff!!!

  4. Fabulous work Paul...

    I can't keep up with your postings...this is such a great site!

    Bet the ride was a bit to speak!


  5. I really like this wagon. Nice paint.

    Tossing It Out

  6. The licence plate is a nice touch :)

  7. Great colours on the wagon/carpentum. And the roof design is very clever.A lot more interesting than the one provided with the original kit which looks pretty bland.

    Which company provided the occupants?

  8. Very nice work. I like all the decorative patterns.

  9. That´s not modelling any more. That is artwork! I´m very impressed, Paul. Great, abolutely great!

  10. How colourful. You always seem to amaze with your posts. Great stuff again

  11. Very nice post again Paul! I like all the little details you've painted. And also a good use of the old Atlantic figures ;-)
    The dog is from wich set?