Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Big Bang 4

The final episode.
After another long stay in ye olde hospital T.Omkins is ready to take on another mission. This time Bodkin and Bodger have hired in, at no expense spared, (which means they spared by paying no expenses), His holyness,  Grimwit the III.

According to some theological texts, the smaller that something is then the bigger it´s actions. It goes roughly along the lines of the how many angels on a pin head and such like. This was first cited by William Dikpeece in 1299, just before he choaked to death on a grain of sand. Following scholars have taken this event to be proof that Dikpeece was right.
( Don´t ask me!! I´m only recording this loonacy. )

Anyway , Grimmwitt has convinced Messers Bodkin and Bodger that if a grain of gunpowder is very finely cut into very tiny pieces and then cut yet many more times until there´s practically nothing there, then there will be a thing called an "Ey Tom". If this "Ey Tom" of gunpowder is then struck, it will, following the Dikpeece theory, give out a large amount of energy causing a loud bang, disproportionate to it´s size.

His Holyness Grimmwitt is now on hand to observe this "miraculous"  event.
Just look at him, what an ugly twit!!!!

The "Ey Tom" is placed on an anvil, T.Omkins raises Ye Holy  sledge hammer
In order to maximise thier profits to pay for this....Messers Bodkin and Bodger have sold ticktes to the event. It appears as if half the county has turned up. Funny though..I can´t seem to to able to see  Messers Bodkin and Bodger anywhere.
So, silence is called for as the test is about to begin. holy hammer falls and.........
Oh dear!!!!, that must of hurt a lot of people!!.
I wonder where T.Omkins went???
Looks like that´s the end of him...... 

 or is it??

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The poledancing vid could have been a lot longer IMHO ;-D

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  1. Absolutely awesome Paul. Thanks for the entertainment.

  2. Religion? You are going to "get letters!"

    Keep it up Paul. I really enjoy these.

    I looked at some 1/72 scale yesterday and realized my days of painting them are over. I admire you folks that do.

  3. I wonder what happened to his Holey-mess? :-)

  4. I see you're doing your excellent "Big Bang" stories Paul :-D

    Always loved these ;-)


  5. Great stuff Paul, although the link heading had me thinking of something else?

  6. Good work and I agree about the pole dancing vid.