Monday, 22 August 2011

Arrow catcher

Bravely he ran to the fight, but alas he caught an arrow!!! :-(
He was part of a duel over at  Bennos Forum...I got a deserved kicking from Rich ( West Models & figures Blog ) 

I am at the moment using another PC, ....I can see that I have two new followers but only on the dashboard(thanks to both of you) but I can't see who, on front of page or on the won' t load up...sorry...I' ll say hello properly in a few days :-)
Same goes for commenting on other blogs or forums!!!!!Nothing works at the moment!!! I can only edit posts..which are all saved as drafts and set on automatic posting


  1. I can hear Michael Palin's voice "Message for you Sir!"

  2. Great title for a great conversion Paul! You had my vote for originality.

    I don't have trouble posting or something else. I hope you get it fixed soon!


  3. Great job mate!Alot of work went into yours and should have got a lot more votes (It got mine).Does he like a little drink of "strong bow".

    Cheers Rich.

  4. That was more or less my role at football... Luckily balls don't have sharp edges.

  5. Nice work, Paul. It captures so much emotion. Best, Dean

  6. Next time- give the poor bod a shield!