Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Coates & Shine Indian Elephants

Coates & Shine, sounds a bit like a firm of solicitors in a Charles Dickens Novel. Still, their eles are a vast improvement on the Hat War elephants set
Hello to Christopher from Moodys adventures blog, the Professor Elemental´s Fighting trousers vid is well worth a look :-D
Hello to Nuno Mata. He has 4 blogs, the Action Figure Hospital one has some great stuff...I didn´t know there was a Matrix Morpheus figure.
Hello to Santyago and Vin...Thanks for following :-D
I can´t link back to your blogs..either blogger is acting up or your friend connect isn´t  set up...??


  1. Elephant! - opps, sorry--Excellent!

  2. Great looking nellies, very colourful. just how they should be!

  3. They look great!
    -the main reason I'd like to make an Indian army someday: those elephants look so fun to paint.

  4. Great elephants. The start of a new army?

  5. Cool Elefants :) keep up the good work