Friday, 12 August 2011

Emhar Vikings (1/72nd)

Or theses days Emhar or Imex., anyway, they both use the same box art. These were kindly sent by Dan from the Command tent...again Dan,,many thanks :-D  Saxons and Zvezda Vikings soon.
The plastic that they are made of is great stuff...easily bent and you can cut and glue it as well
The bod in the middle is the original pose...he´s sporting last years fashion, a gold leafed jacket , Mr Grimbaldson to his right has a natty steel plate coat on while Mr Undwold, to the left has a simple "lets go Pillaging" leather Jerkin. Mr Undwold also carries the gangs crews Flag of a stoopiing Crow, which I got from Ray´s Blog Don´t throw a one, where there are more on the rack to choose from.

I found out one thing about Viking put in "vikiing flags" on google search and what do you get a couple of pages in ???.............THIS!!!!!


  1. Good stuff. I really need to start painting my Imex Saxons and Vikings.Thanks for posting your work, it is very inspirational.

  2. I'm allways asking myself how he does it. In at the ears and out of the nose, or the other way around :-D

    Great painted bods Paul, and thanks about the information for the conversions!


  3. LoL!!!! What an 'orrible picture!!!!! Nice figures and that flag is somthin' else!!!

  4. Nice Vikes, Have lots of Wargames Factory 28mm Saxon and Viking bods eying me up! - Paint me, Paint me-- they keep saying!

  5. Yikes! Nicely painted figures though:)

  6. The last Viking looks a bit dodgy to me. The others however look great Paul. I am also a big fan of Ray's wonderful flags. Good price too.

  7. The 1:1 scale frothing nutter is a bit out there but the rest are great!

  8. Good to see those, as I have the plastic heaps waiting to be done too, like sean said.

    I noticed a while back that that Viking in the bottom picture with the extraordinary whiskers also dominates the internet world for Flodden flags too, as the world's leading site for that.

    A great blog.

  9. I've very glad these figures have found such a great home! Very well done Paul thanks for showing off some of the painted ones, much better than what I was doing :)

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