Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saxon conversions (Emhar)

A busy day yesterday, cutting off arms and heads, twisting arms and legs with a bit of gentle persuasion and a small pair of pliers :-D

The running archer (middle) Arm of base bod (to the left) bent forward, and the arm from the archer swopped for the shield arm
The bod on the far right got a head swop and and an axe...the bod on the left a head swop.
Standard bearer (middle) Shield arm from the bod on the left, body from the archer and the arm from the bod in the photo above (far left) Standard from Ray over at Don´t throw a one blog
Sword arm from the boss bod  (left), head tisted a bit to the right, shield arm from the bod in photo above, (far left)
The whole gang so far.
Hello to Jon (JP) from Herefordshire 1938 blog...some wonderfull VBCW minis and history ...the Twiggy Mommet scarecrows are brilliant and so is the "history" behind the twiggy Mommet movement. :-D


  1. Paul:

    Neat "conversions" with the pliers. It's great put a personal touch on figures. Best, Dean

  2. Great looking fighting force you have there Paul. You've done an amazing job with the figures!

  3. Excellent conversions. You're a magician

  4. Great stuff, you clever chap! cheers for the link!!!

  5. Remarkable what you have done with the basic figures.
    What a pity plastic bowstrings always look like ropes!! :-D

  6. Thanks :-D
    The bowstrings...???...i thought about cutting them off and swopping for brush hairs...but for some reason it didn´t happen. I´ll alter them later.

  7. Fantastic Paul. I like what you have done here.

  8. More excellent and skilful work, well done Paul.